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Tips to Hire a Laravel Developer in 2024


If you’re looking to hire a Laravel developer, you’re probably building a web application with a strong backend using the MVC model. Laravel is a reliable framework known for creating secure and scalable websites and business software solutions.

With over 44,000 web apps already using it, Laravel is gaining popularity as a top web development framework. When searching for a developer, look for someone skilled in building layered applications.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps and considerations for hiring a Laravel developer in 2024.

Essential Requirements for Hiring Laravel Developers

To begin with, as a business owner, it’s crucial to know exactly what you want for your project. Whether it’s a simple website or a more complex application like an online store or web portal. You should have a clear idea about both the front-end (what users see) and the back-end (the system behind the scenes).

It’s also important to have a rough idea of how long the project might take, and using a model like MVC can speed up the development process. Consider whether your project will require support after it’s launched. By focusing on these details, you can better understand the level of expertise you’ll need from Laravel developers for your project.

Next, let’s talk about the hiring process of the Laravel experts for your project.

How to Find and Hire a Laravel Developer: 4 Step-by-Step Guide

Hiring a skilled Laravel developer is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your web development project. Here’s a 4 step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process and make the right hiring decisions.

Step 1: Outline the project scope, budget, and timeline:

When planning your web development project, consider factors like what needs to be done, how much money you have, how long it will take, and if you need help afterward. For instance, if you don’t have a enough budget, you might want to hire Laravel developers from countries where the cost of living is lower.

This way, you can get good Laravel developers at a lower price. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll need experts who can work quickly from start to finish. Think about these things before you start looking for a development team.

Step 2: Concentrate on creating a profile for the candidate:

Based on your project needs, look for the right skills in a Laravel developer. This way, you can make a profile for the perfect candidate, making the hiring process simpler. Clearly outline the role and skills you need, so your HR team can find the best fit for your project. If you need a whole team, consider searching for the top Laravel development companies.

Step 3: Make a job description aligned with skills:

Considering what the project needs and what the company expects, make a job description for the candidate. Besides technical skills, note down the soft skills you want for the project.

This makes you more certain about the developer and makes the development process smoother. It also makes it easier for the hiring team to narrow down candidates who fit the job description.

Step 4: Identify the important factors:

Consider if a candidate meets the needs of the project based on the requirements. There are various things to think about before choosing the right candidate. We’ll talk about these factors as we go along.

6 Key Considerations When Hiring Laravel Developers:

1. Assess the candidate’s Laravel skills

First, make sure the candidate knows how to use Laravel framework. Depending on the job, look at their experience, how successful they’ve been, their approach, and attitude. Check if they can solve problems and work well in a team, handling unexpected technical or non-technical issues.

2. Check experience with similar projects

If you’re looking to hire Laravel developers, make sure they’ve worked on projects like yours before. If they have, they’ll probably be a good fit. If not, you might need to be patient and give them extra time to understand and complete your project. Check their experience, skills, and what past employers have said about them to make sure they’re a good match for your needs.

3. Face-to-face interview

In addition to what’s mentioned on the resume, we need to look at how candidates actually work and solve problems. We can find this out through a detailed interview. During the interview, we should ask about real situations related to the project to see if the candidate has the necessary technical skills.

It’s important to ask questions about things like OOP, MVC handling, APIs, waterfall model, scrum, agile methodology, HTML, JSS, CSS, and PHP.

4. Emphasize the importance of soft skills

In any project, whether it’s technical or not, working together and talking to each other are really important. So, when you’re choosing Laravel developers, make sure they’re the right fit and can work well with others. Look at their skills and see if they can handle the project easily. This will help you avoid problems later on.

5. Focus on customer-centric approach

Candidates need to know your business goals well to create a successful application. Check how they feel about meeting customer expectations. Look at their relationship with past customers and how they made those projects better.

6. Determine the estimated cost for the ideal candidate

You should know that a skilled Laravel developer may be more expensive than someone less experienced. If your project needs an expert, you should plan for it. Estimate the cost of developing the project beforehand. Once you know your budget, you can choose developers who fit within it.

You can pick from fixed, hourly, weekly, or freelance models. While freelancers might be more affordable, they may not provide the commitment your project needs. It’s better to find reliable resources, especially if you want support services after the project is completed.

Skills, Roles, and Responsibilities of a Laravel Developer

A Laravel developer plays a crucial role in building efficient, scalable, and secure Laravel applications. Here are the key skills, roles, and responsibilities associated with this position:

1. Complete coding knowledge

It’s crucial to be skilled in Laravel and other web development technologies. Make sure to highlight this skill at the beginning of your resume. While Laravel has a user-friendly syntax, it requires a good understanding of coding. Hiring beginners with minimal or no coding experience could lead to significant challenges.

2. Database skills

If you’re creating a website for online shopping or a business software, it’s important for Laravel developers to be really good at managing databases. This is how your application talks to and uses the information stored in the system. So, it’s crucial that the developer knows how to work with common database systems like MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and others.

3. OOP & MVC principles expertise

In simple terms, when working with Laravel, a framework for web development, developers need to understand the MVC model and use Object-Oriented Programming. This means they should be familiar with concepts like classes, methods, objects, and other coding principles. Employers may ask about these skills during a personal interview.

4. Experience in web app development

Besides knowing the theory, the development team needs to be really good at making websites. They should know how to solve problems that come up and have experience building websites. Look at their past work carefully by checking their portfolio. Understanding project management methods like agile and scrum can also make sure your project gets done on time.

5. Importance of Soft Skills

You need to have skills like solving problems, being creative, feeling confident, working well in a team, being flexible, communicating effectively, and being punctual. Look for these qualities in an ideal Laravel developer.


If you’re a new business or a medium-sized one, follow these tips to find the right Laravel developer for your website. Before you start looking for a web development team, do some research on your own. It might take a few days, so plan accordingly.

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