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Experience academic exhibitions like never before with our custom mobile app.

Program Details

Program Details

Student/Jobseekers Registrations

Student/Jobseekers Registrations

Activity Leader Board

Activity Leader Board

The American Shipbuilding College conducts periodic exhibitions across different states to promote their educational programs and guide job seekers in the shipbuilding industry.

  • The client requested a mobile application to create an informative platform and an effective communication tool.
  • The application guides the attendees of the exhibition with details regarding all the courses, partners, and career opportunities in the shipbuilding industry.
  • The app also served as an effective data collection point for the college.
Purpose App

Purpose Behind The App

The institute needed a mobile application for their academic exhibitions to provide attendees with essential information and establish effective communication channels.

  • The purpose of the app was to provide attendants with all the necessary information regarding the programs and activities at the exhibition.
  • The app also allowed professionals to register on the job portal and find suitable job opportunities.
  • The app acted as an integrated platform for the display of the leadership board of all the activities and events that occurred offline during the exhibition.

Snapshot of Academic Exhibitions App

Application development
Application development
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