Mobile App For Academic Exhibitions

An informative mobile app developed that guides and educates the attendants of American Shipbuilding College Exhibition about the College’s academic programs and exhibition activities.

Mobile app for academic exhibitions

Custom Tailored Mobile Application for Academic Exhibitions

The client is an American Shipbuilding College and they conducted periodic exhibitions across different states to promote their educational programs and to guide the jobseekers who wish to join the Ship Building Industry. In order to create an informative platform that served as an effective communication tool, they client came up with the requirement of a mobile application.

The application guides the attendants of the exhibition with details regarding all the courses, partners and the career opportunities in the shipbuilding industry. The app also served as an effective data collection point for the College.

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Purpose Behind The App

The institute conducted exhibitions periodically to promote their partners and their academic programs. Because of high footfall during these exhibitions, the client required a Mobile Application that could establish an effective communication channel to enable attendants with all the vital information regarding the programs and the activities held at the exhibition.

The purpose of the app was to educate these attendants with all the essential information of the exhibition, to allow professionals to register on the job portal and help them seek a suitable job opportunity and to act as an integrated platform for the display of the leadership board of all the activities and events that occur offline during the exhibition.

Thus, the client offered attendants to download the mobile application from the App Store or the Play Store and get an app that serves as an insightful communication tool dedicatedly designed to inform, facilitate and engage them about the exhibitions and Shipbuilding Curriculum.


Application development
Application development
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