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LMS (Last Man Stands)

LMS is a globally recognized leading amateur cricket league with its own online store, having partnered with local as well as global sports bodies.

A cricket league with its own online store providing cricket gears!

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Founded in 2005, LMS is an amateur cricket league. It brings together individuals from all walks of life, countries, religions, and races to enjoy the wonderful format of cricket. Today, it has become a leading global amateur cricket league, having partnered with local as well as global sports bodies.

In fact, it recently launched an E-commerce store, especially for the LMS players all around the world.

Cricket Kit Manufactures
Cricket Kit Manufactures

Purpose Behind the Website

Before the store, the players faced a lot of issues such as finding the right cricket kit manufacturers who could produce customized cricket gears for individuals, and more such vendors who could fulfill their specific requirements. The board realized the problem soon and came up with an E-commerce store to make available all the elements at one place.

With the LMS store, the participants of the teams can get the customized cricket kits according to their preferences.

The sole purpose, hence, was to have a one-stop store for the players for all their cricket kit customization needs.

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Website Development
Website Development
Website Development
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