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Founded in 2005, LMS is an amateur cricket league.This also brings together individuals from all walks of life, countries, religions, and races to enjoy cricket.

  • A leading global amateur cricket league, partnered with local and global sports bodies.
  • Recently launched an E-commerce store for LMS players worldwide.
Purpose App

Unveiling The Purpose

Before the LMS store, players faced numerous issues in finding the right cricket kit manufacturers who could produce customized cricket gears for individuals.

  • The board recognized the problem and came up with a solution to make all the necessary elements available in Sports Merchandise Store.
  • The LMS eCommerce web application was created to address the issue of players struggling to find vendors who could fulfill their specific requirements.
  • The Sports Merchandise store offers customized cricket kits based on the individual preferences of the players.
  • The main objective of the LMS store is to provide a one-stop-shop for players to meet all their cricket kit customization needs.

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