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Stay ahead of the fuel game and keep your ride on track

Petrol pump map search<

Petrol pump map search

Mileage tracker

Mileage tracker

Leadership board

Leadership board

Fuel prices in Australia vary between pumps and fuel types, making it difficult for people to track their vehicle's mileage and costs. Furthermore, there are no reliable sources for real-time fuel prices.

  • Our client approached us with the need for a mobile application to monitor fuel prices and vehicle mileage in Australia.
  • The mobile app would enable users to search for fuel prices in their neighborhood.
  • The app would also allow users to track their registered vehicle's mileage and fuel type history.
  • Users could download reports on their fuel expenses.
  • The app would also display available fuel stations along users' routes.
  • Zealous developed a robust mobile application that served as a reliable mileage and fuel tracking tool to fulfill these requirements.
Purpose App

Unveiling the Purpose

B2B tourism and cab booking businesses, as well as individuals with multiple vehicles, face challenges in tracking their vehicles' performance, particularly given the fluctuating fuel prices among different pumps.

  • The mobile application addresses issues related to tracking vehicle performance and fluctuating fuel prices among different pumps.
  • The application enables users to search for the lowest fuel prices and fuel types in their areas.
  • Users can register their vehicles, trips, and fuel information to track mileage and fuel costs between trips or refills.
  • The application also allows users to compare their car's performance with other users' cars on the leaderboard.
  • The mobile app is available for free download on both App Store and Play Store in Australia.

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    Leadership Board
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