Fuel Price and Mileage Tracking Mobile App for Australia

We developed a Mobile App for an Australian client that allows people to register their vehicle details and keep track of fuel and mileage details of their registered vehicles.

Fuel price and mileage tracking

A mobile app that helps users surf fuel prices and track vehicle mileage

Fuel prices vary from different pump to pump and fuel type in Australia. Because of this, people face problems in keeping track of their vehicle mileage and fuel costs. Also, people wish to keep track of their vehicle’s mileage per trip and between two fuel refilling sessions. But, there were no reliable sources to search for real-time fuel prices.

Identifying this problem, our client came to us with a requirement of a Mobile Application that allows people of Australia to search for fuel prices in their neighbourhood and keep track of their registered vehicle’s mileage and fuel type history. Apart from that, the app empowers its users to download reports and see the available pumps in their commotion route and trips. With this vision and purpose, Zealous delivered a robust Mobile Application that served as a mileage and fuel tracking application.

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Purpose Behind the App

For B2B Tourism and Cab booking businesses and individuals with possession of multiple vehicles, keeping track of their vehicle’s performance is a challenging task. Also, with the varying fuel price amongst different pumps, it is not possible for people to manually find the cheapest fuel rates in their desired areas.

The purpose of this Mobile Application is to help people search lowest fuel price and fuel type in their areas. The app also allows customers to register their vehicles, trips and fuel information in the application to allow them to keep track of car’s mileage and fuelling costs in between two trips or fuel refills. The app also allows users to download reports of their vehicles and compare their car’s performance with the other users’ car performance of the same car in the leadership board.

The mobile app is listed on both App Store as well as Play Store and is available for free download for its users in Australia.

Servo Saver App Features

  • Vehicle registratioN Vehicle registratioN
  • Trip InformationTrip Information
  • Leadership boardLeadership board
  • My Profile My Profile
  •  Vehicle management Vehicle management
  • Add vehicle module Add vehicle module
  • FAQs FAQs
  • Help desk Help desk

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