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Enhance Safety and Compliance with Our Construction Site Inspection App

Less Paperwork

Less Paperwork

More Accuracy

More Accuracy

Easy Approval

Easy Approval

A Canadian government group responsible for making sure homes are safe came to us with a big problem: their current system for inspecting houses wasn't working well. This was causing issues with how quickly they could do inspections and making it harder to keep homes safe. They pointed out a few main problems:

  • Managing construction site inspectors and stakeholders in the system is difficult. It's hard to assign tasks, work together, and talk to each other easily. Controlling who can see and change things needs to be improved to keep data safe and work smoothly.
  • Creating and giving out site inspection projects takes a lot of time and effort. The system isn't flexible or easy to use, which slows down inspectors and makes them frustrated.
  • It's tough to keep track of problems found during site inspections and manage them properly. The current system doesn't have good tools for deciding which problems are most urgent, figuring out who should fix them, and checking on progress.
  • All these problems make it hard for the agency to make sure people living in housing units are safe and well. We need a better software solution for inspecting construction sites that can solve these problems and make housing inspections easier and more effective.
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Unveiling The Purpose

A Canadian government agency in charge of making sure homes are safe had a problem. They had too much paperwork and complicated processes that were causing issues. Their old way of checking homes was slow, not very accurate, and made it hard to communicate. This was a big problem because it put people's safety at risk. So, they decided it was time to make a change and switch to using digital solutions instead of the old, troublesome system.

  • This construction site inspection app solution streamlines user management, ensuring the right eyes see the right information at the right time.
  • This construction inspection application tracks visits in real-time, making it a breeze to monitor progress and follow up on outstanding issues.
  • This inspection application wasn’t just a tech upgrade; it was a safety upgrade. By tackling user management, inspection creation, and visit tracking head-on, the agency empowered its inspectors to do their jobs better and keep citizens safe.

Construction Site Inspection App Features

  • User Management

    User Management
  • Project and Company Management

    Project and Company Management
  • Email Scheduler

    Email Scheduler
  • Deficiency Tracking

    Deficiency Tracking
  • Reporting and Analytics

    Reporting and Analytics

  • Service Ledger

    Service Ledger

  • Training Module

    Training Module

  • Console Projects

    Console Projects

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