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Location-based Ads

Location-based Ads

Single Profile For Buy/sell

Single Profile For Buy/sell

In-app Chat

In-app Chat

Yard to You is a mobile application available on both Android and iOS platforms.

  • The app facilitates the buying and selling of locally produced fruits and vegetables.
  • The primary objective of the app is to help growers earn money by providing them with a platform to directly sell their produce to interested buyers.
  • Buyers can browse through the app's listings and find produce that is located close to them or choose to travel further for unique and rare offerings.
Yard To You

Unveiling The Purpose

The traditional farmers' market has gained immense popularity today, but it comes with high costs and demands a significant amount of time and effort, particularly for hobby farmers and backyard growers. Additionally, buyers often encounter the challenge of traveling long distances only to find the farm-gate stall closed or lacking the desired produce.

  • The Yard to You App addresses both of these issues by establishing a comprehensive marketplace that consolidates all the relevant information in one place.
  • With this platform, buyers can easily locate and purchase the produce they desire from nearby sellers.
  • Likewise, sellers no longer need to wait for no-shows or struggle to keep track of who wants what and when.

Yard To You App Features

  • Registration

  • Add Produces

    Add Produces
  • Notifications

  • Sales History

    Sales History
  • Add business details

    Add business details
  • Profile


  • Chat with buyer

    Chat with buyer

  • Purchase History

    Purchase History

  • Rating to produces

    Rating to produces

  • See produces list

    See produces list

  • Registration

  • Online payment

    Online Payment
  • Complaint to admin

    Complaint to admin
  • Filter produces

    Filter produces
  • Google Map Navigation

    Google Map Navigation
  • Add produces to cart

    Add produces to cart

  • Chat with seller

    Chat with seller

  • Produces Global Search

    Produces Global Search

  • Rating to Seller

    Rating to Seller

  • Raise Refund

    Raise Refund

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