Yard to You

Yard to You is an App-Based Marketplace where a hobby farmer or a backyard grower can sell their extra produce to genuine buyers nearby their location.

Yard to you

App-Based Marketplace for Farmers & Buyers

Yard to You is a mobile application, developed for both Android & iOS, which allows users to buy/sell produce that are produced locally.

This app aims to help growers earn money by allowing them to sell their produce to a buyer directly. Buyers can browse from the listing and find what’s close to them, or they can also choose to travel a little further for something super-delicious and rare.

yard to you app

Purpose Behind the App

Today, organized farmers’ market is very popular. But, they incur a significant amount of costs and demands considerable time and effort, especially for hobby farmers and backyard growers.

On the other hand, buyers also face the problem of driving for one-hour only to find the farm-gate stall closed or not having the desired produce available.

Yard to You App aims to solve both by creating a marketplace that has all the information at one place. It helps buyers to find and locate their desire produce to their nearest and sellers also don’t have to wait around for ‘no-show ups’ or lose track of who wanted how much and when.!

Yard to You App Features

  • Registration Registration
  • Add producesAdd produces
  • NotificationsNotifications
  • sales history sales history
  • Add business detailsAdd business details
  •  Profile Profile
  • Chat with buyer Chat with buyer
  • purchase history purchase history
  • Rating to produces Rating to produces
  • See produces list See produces list

Snapshot of Yard to You

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App store Google play

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