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Zealous System to Support Businesses Across India and the World


Here at Zealous System, we are globally renowned for our work to assist businesses with web development and mobile app development. We’re known for our exemplary customer satisfaction, recognized on sites like The Manifest! Although we help businesses of all shapes and sizes from across a variety of industries, over half of our satisfied clients are small businesses! As a small business ourselves, we want to take the time to praise small businesses.

We’re incredibly proud to be based in Ahmedabad, the leading city of the beautiful Gujarat state. Ernst and Young recently named Ahmedabad the best business to do business in as a small business in all of India! Small businesses contribute 70% of Ahmedabad’s GDP, and 45% of its exports. The cluster and breadth of small business in Ahmedabad is specifically praised, as is Gujarat’s favorable small business laws leading to the state’s highest share in domestic investment plans across all of India!

Unfortunately, small businesses around the world and in India are hurting as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, lockdown, and ensuing economic calamity. Here at Zealous System, we have been helping small businesses with all sorts of technological development solutions in order to emerge from this time stronger than ever.One thing that you can do during this lockdown is to review your favorite small businesses. Love that dhaba on the corner? Shoot them a review on Yelp! Have a favorite park? Review it on TripAdvisor! Also, if you want to show support to your favorite B2B service provider and developer, review them on The Manifest!


The Manifest features leading companies and allows you to connect with businesses around the world. It is the leading B2B ratings site allowing you to browse through company listings of B2B service providers across industries! It provides independently verified reviews conducted with clients from around the world! Curated into a case study style format, The Manifest reviews are the gold standard for B2B ratings and reviews — which is why we’re honored to have a stellar 4.6-star rating on the site!In a recent 5.0-star review, the CEO of Augustine Tours, Augustin Ndikuriyo, praised the booking system and also the site redesign that we performed for his touring company!

We’re incredibly grateful to all of our satisfied customers! If you want to join their ranks, please contact us today!

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