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Zealous System Launches CoVacSlot- a Covid-19 Vaccine Slot Finder Application for India


Zealous System; a global IT service provider company from India has released a mobile application for the citizens of India under the name of CoVacSlot. The app is developed to help Indians find Covid-19 vaccine slots on CoWin instantly across India. Aligned with CoWin, the app provides real-time alerts. Available for a free download, the app is launched for Android users.India is currently carrying out the biggest vaccination drive of the world while fighting the dire Covid-19 and has launched an online platform CoWin for those who wish to find and book a vaccination slot in their respective areas. While the application allows users to book an available slot, because of the shortage of vaccines, the users of the app have to constantly check for available slots manually.To help automate the process and to provide instant alerts when the slots are available, CoVacSlot gathers real-time data from the Vaccination centres across the country and provides automated alerts to the users when the vaccine is available in their desired area.

Pranjal Mehta, the Managing Director of Zealous System commented that “Zealous System is a multi-national company whose heart belongs to the India and we believe in contributing towards the nation that has made us what we are today. To help the government accelerate the vaccination drive and to ensure that the citizens of India get a fair chance to protect themselves and their families from Covid-19, we have launched CoVacSlot for them.”

Keeping in mind the Indian user base and the diverse geographic and demographic spread of India, Zealous System has developed the application as an easy-to-use app. By simplifying the process of finding a vaccination slot, CoVacSlot empowers its users to create vaccine slot alerts in just a few clicks. Also, as CoVacSlot constantly gathers data of available slots across India, the app ensures that Indians do not miss an opportunity and in the same context, there are no restrictions in the app for the number of alerts that users can create using CoVacSlot.

Capabilities of the application that makes the vaccination process seamless and automated:

  • Look for available slots with PINCODE or city/district name
  • Create alerts for you and your family
  • App redirects to CoWin directly for the areas that have available slots
  • Create alerts for multiple alerts
  • Age-group, vaccine and location information available
  • Activate and deactivate alerts anytime

Zealous’s efforts and contributions to help India fight the Coronavirus pandemic:

Apart from this application, the organization has also been carrying out all the necessary precautions and has been helping enterprises in creating digital ecosystems for a safe and efficient work from home working model. Zealous also helped the IT community by outsourcing projects to the smaller organizations that are struggling to survive the lockdown and economic recessions.

Zealous Genesis:

To provide a brief about the organization, Zealous System has been delivering exemplary IT solutions to numerous clients from various domains and countries since the year of 2008. With recognitions such as Microsoft Gold Partner and fully functional offices in India, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, Zealous has made a global mark in the IT industry. The firm is also heavily investing in cognitive technologies such as IoT development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and other such emerging technologies.

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