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Zealous’s Journey from Surviving to Thriving During the Coronavirus Pandemic


2020 was the year of uncertainties! The global pandemic that hit the world left cosmopolitans locked in their home, businesses at a halt and economies in downfall. Covid-19 has still not loosened its grip and the world is still adjusting to the new normal. But if we were to think of three things that have helped the world cope during these dire times, they would be frontline workers, essential industries and Technology! Right from online shopping to online studies to online parties, while the people were quarantined in the physical world, they connected with each other in the virtual world.Being a technology consultant, we understood the role of technology well and leveraged the fact that technology will drive the world. We acted and capitalized on the situation and as the financial year 20-21 comes to an end, we are proud to say that we have not only survived the Covid-19 impact but also thrived during this past year! So much so that when the world retrenched, our workforce increased by 30%, while the businesses halt, we progressed at a growth rate of 43%.

Zealous Systems- The Technology Enabler

Being a technology enabler, we at Zealous understood the scenario really well and as soon as the lockdown was implemented, we acted proactively and ensured that we provide seamless and uninterrupted services to our clients! To overcome the challenges of Lockdown and quarantine, our first step was the quick implementation of remote work across the organization and establishing a digital ecosystem.

The Digital Ecosystem:

Our decision-makers were put to task and were asked to create an integrated digital ecosystem of technology solutions that will keep Zealous connected while our resources worked remotely. Each aspect of the business process was considered and various technology solutions were introduced for a seamless and hassle-free rendering of our IT services to our clients.We also had to make sure that our employees were encouraged and motivated during this time and for that, we introduced various protocols, processes and reporting models. While the technology solutions helped us stay connected with our clients and peers, the processes and protocols made sure we worked with optimum efficiency and productivity. While these steps helped us survive, we still had to figure out a way to grow!

Agility and Flexibility- Our Growth Motto:

We dedicate our success to our customer-centric approach and the entrepreneurial mindset of our decision-makers and resources. We employed our best solution consultants to understand the market gap that the pandemic had created and diversified our efforts to get new projects based on our thorough analysis. With the help of agile thinking and informed decision-making, while others had a hard time surviving their business, we created a steady pipeline and aimed for steady and calculated growth!By mitigating the sales pressure, we had a steady flow of leads and inquiries based on our efforts and now, it was time to deliver on what we had committed. Working remotely was a challenge for our resources but with the help of the digital ecosystem and business processes, we delivered all our projects successfully with seamless co-ordination, transparent communication and constant innovation!

Also, we belive in contributing towards our community and Industry. Thus, to help our market contemporaries who were relatively new in the market and were struggling to survive the harsh market conditions, we made them as our vendor partner and provided them with projects under the supervision of our experts. To summarise the whole scenario, we strategised our survival, executed it with entrepreneurial mindset and not only survived the Covid-19 impact, but we thrived and also helped our peers stay afloat during these dire times.

The Success Saga Continues:

With the above-mentioned strategies, we got the results that we have mentioned above and it doesn’t stop there! We still plan to increase our workforce by 20% at the end of this quarter because of the pipeline that we have created and while the world resumes, we plan to double our efforts and aim to further expand and excel in our domain.

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