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Jun 02

Zealous Annual Day 2017: Jashn-e-Zealous

By zealousys

Jashn-e-Zealous 14-April-2017

With some new additions to the Zealous family, the annual day (“Jashn-e-Zealous”, as we like to call it) was a myriad of colors this year. Recently charged with our success at the GESIA talent awards, Zealions nailed the much-awaited event like pros. Crooning voices, fluid dance moves, dramatic gestures and acoustic guitars filled the scene in the weeks preceding the event.

In addition, the hilarious “Zealous Charitra Awards” were presented with a new theme. Inspired by the characters from Mahabharata, the nominations were voted through online polls. While presenting the awards, our MCs (Master of Ceremonies) added to the fun by dropping hints about the winning nomination.

The other major events included inter-department antakshari, group dance, mimicry, fashion show and a satirical take on “Aap ki Adalat”. The fashion show with ‘waste material recycling’ as a theme and the mimicry act highlighted the talented Zealions at their best. After all, we are more than just lines of code!

Eventually, Zealions concluded the annual day by creating happy memories followed by a lunch party.

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