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Oct 27

Twitter Moments: Storytelling via Tweets

By zealousys

What is ‘Twitter Moments’?

Twitter moments is a storytelling feature which allows Twitter users to stitch together multiple tweets into a complete story. Imagine picking up your most memorable tweets/tweetstorms and embedding them into a single page with a brief description and a cover image, that’s Twitter Moments.

Is ‘Twitter Moments’ new?

No, it was launched in October 2015 as a curated slideshow for Twitter users to know what is going around in the Twitterverse without following loads of people and watching ‘trending’ section carefully. The curating process initially involved a few partners and later on, it was expanded to allow users to create their own moments.

How to create a moment?

-Head to your Twitter profile

-Click on the ‘Moments Tab

-Click ‘Create New Moments

-Add Title, Description, Cover-Image

-Pick and Arrange tweets relevant to your moment

-Click on ‘Publish

Following is a Twitter Moment we created out of some tweets we picked from our Zealous System Africa campaign:-


For further information about Moments check out Twitter’s own ‘how-to’ guide Moment!

Sharing your stories

Once generated, Moments can be shared via tweets within Twitter and via links outside of Twitter.

Also, Twitter allows the users to embed their moments into other web pages as demonstrated above.

To embed a moment, click on the three blue dots ‘’ next to the Tweet button and then select ‘Embed Moment.


-Organizing a series of related Tweets

-Showcasing a brand/product/service

-Curating NEWS and other relevant content

-Cool way of presenting ‘Life At XYZ’ and ‘A Day in the Life of XYZ’ stories

The Takeaway

Twitter Moments definitely shows promise as a great tool for marketers. However, how this is going to help Twitter monetize its network is still a big question mark.

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