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Top 10 Java Development Companies in the Netherlands


In recent years, the Netherlands has witnessed a significant rise in the demand for Java development companies, with businesses across various industries leveraging Java’s power to create robust, scalable, and secure applications.

Java, a versatile programming language known for its portability and performance, has become a preferred choice for companies looking to develop complex software solutions. Its ability to run on any platform without the need for recompilation, coupled with its strong community support and extensive library ecosystem, makes Java an ideal choice for developing enterprise-level applications.

As businesses increasingly rely on digital solutions to streamline their operations and connect with customers, the demand for skilled Java developers has surged. Companies are seeking developers proficient in Java to build innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of their customers and drive business growth.

So, whether you are a business looking to partner with a reputable Java development company or a developer seeking new opportunities, this blog is your go-to resource.

This blog is your ultimate guide to the top 10 Java development companies in the Netherlands, offering you valuable insights into the thriving tech scene in the country.

By exploring the profiles of these top companies, you can gain a deeper understanding of their expertise, services, and contributions to the tech industry. This information will help you make informed decisions and connect with the right Java app development companies in the Netherlands or opportunities that align with your goals.

Let’s explore.

List of Top 10 Java Development Companies in the Netherlands | Java Developers:

1. Zealous System

Zealous System stands as a trailblazer in the industry, serving as a trusted Java development company in the Netherlands that caters specifically to unique business needs. With a team of highly skilled and experienced Java developers, Zealous offers innovative and efficient Java development solutions, propelling digital presence to new heights and facilitating the journey toward business success.

Zealous takes pride in providing a complete array of Java software development services, prioritizing scalability, security, and efficiency in every solution delivered. With over 100 Java apps developed and a commitment to on-time delivery, Zealous ensures that clients keep pace and surge ahead in the dynamic digital age.

Employees– 50 – 249
Founded -2008
4.6 Clutch Rating

2. Boldheart

One of the top Java development companies in the Netherlands is Boldheart, composed of Gen Z founders, corporate advisors, and investors, bringing a unique blend of deep generational insights and digital innovation expertise to the table. They specialize in creating meaningful digital products and services for the next generations. With a focus on smooth collaboration, Boldheart is stacked with the best apps to manage workflows and client collaboration.

They offer a custom tech stack, working with various technologies such as React, Angular, Vue, Flutter, iOS, Android, Node.js, Python, GCP, AWS, MongoDB, Docker, Github Actions, and Kubernetes. Leveraging its exclusive network of founders and experts, Boldheart provides world-class setups and ensures top execution through the combination of the best talents and continuous process optimization. Their flexible scaling allows them to assemble dream teams quickly and scale resources up and down as needed, with projects around the world and experience in working effectively across different time zones.

Employees– 10 – 49
Location– Amsterdam, Netherlands
5 Clutch Rating

3. iBlue Consulting

iBlue Consulting is another top Java development company in the Netherlands that specializes in creating innovative end-to-end digital solutions by connecting the best available technology with their client’s challenges. They excel at understanding the importance of this connection, which drives great results. With a focus on consultancy, iBlue Consulting offers specialized services to meet the digital needs of businesses, ensuring they have the right technology solutions in place to overcome any challenge.

Employees– 50 – 249
Location– Amsterdam, Netherlands
5 Clutch Rating

4. OCDLab

OCDLab is a passionate team of technology geeks based in Rotterdam, specializing in app development and human-centered design. They breathe code and are experienced in creating beautiful, captivating UI/UX designs with immersive and intuitive experiences. OCDLab offers consultation and solutions for cross-platform development, including native iOS and Android development as well as hybrid app development with React Native and Adobe Ionic making them a leading choice for Java development companies in the Netherlands.

They cater to a wide range of industries, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, delivering innovative app development solutions for the global market. With a focus on customer satisfaction, OCDLab is committed to adding value and ensuring the success of its clients’ projects, making them a trusted partner for software development needs.

Employees– 2 – 9
Location– Rotterdam, Netherlands
4.8 Clutch Rating

5. YipYip

Another leading Java development company in the Netherlands is YipYip, a full-service app developer based in Rotterdam, offering comprehensive development services beyond just mobile apps. They develop all services and associated infrastructure, including platforms and complex apps consisting of various components like back-end systems, web applications, Content Management Systems (CMS), and APIs linked to ERP or CRM systems. YipYip focuses on designing and developing scalable and easy-to-maintain applications that meet customer expectations.

They work with existing organizations and startups, always seeking the most suitable solutions and remaining platform agnostic. YipYip’s manifesto includes principles such as being agnostic of language or platform, emphasizing collaboration, staying curious about new technologies like AR, VR, and Blockchain, embracing challenges, and ensuring uncompromising quality in their solutions.

Employees: 10 – 49
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
4.5 Clutch Rating

6. JDV Technologies

JDV Technologies is also a top Java development company in the Netherlands that empowers clients to reach their best by delivering a diverse set of solutions, including enhancing organizational productivity, exclusive mentoring, process implementation, event organization, specific areas development, and project management across various domains.

Led by Ingrid Leiria, JDV Technologies is driven by her vision and leadership, backed by a master’s degree in economics and extensive experience in strategic planning, process and project implementation, and execution across South America, Europe, and Asia. Ingrid spearheads the company’s main projects and mentoring initiatives, leveraging her knowledge and hands-on experience to deliver impactful results tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Employees– 10 – 49
Location – Amsterdam, Netherlands
4.7 Clutch Rating


INFO stands out as a leading Java development company in the Netherlands with a rich history of 30 years in digital innovation, starting in 1994 as the first agency connected to the Internet in Amsterdam. They have since evolved into a full-service agency, translating business challenges into impactful digital products. With a team of 45 international professionals, INFO combines design, data, and technology to create the right digital solutions for businesses.

They emphasize collaboration and innovation, constantly seeking the most suitable solutions for their clients. INFO has received multiple awards for Dutch Digital Excellence and is ISO/IEC 27001 certified for information security. Their values include being explorers, empowered, always welcoming, and constantly questioning to create value for their client’s end-users.


ENDROiT is a leading Java software company with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. They specialize in developing practical web portals and innovative apps, often going beyond development to think about exploiting software solutions in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) models. ENDROiT’s team of certified experts actively seeks the best solutions and possibilities from new technologies, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation of their software.

They are committed to long-term partnerships, often leading to years of collaboration where they continue to enhance and expand the developed software. ENDROiT has a passion for AWS (Amazon Web Services) and implements the best solutions with useful links, solving limitations of standard software, and adding new applications to help clients stay ahead of their competitors.

Employees– 10 – 49
Location– Amsterdam, Netherlands
4 Clutch Rating

9. Hive Ive Solutions

Hive Ive partners with world-leading organizations and brands, specializing in blockchain and software development to drive digital evolution. They dedicate themselves to each project, ensuring unwavering commitment and exceptional results. Hive Ive’s clients include global leaders who have selected them after an in-depth selection process, citing their professionalism, diligence, and straightforward approach.

Hive Ive’s founders, Tobias and David, started the company to redefine development with a focus on personalized service and technological mastery. They aim to create a space where trust, transparency, and meaningful relationships thrive, offering personalized guidance, technical excellence, and a commitment to serve with heart and soul. This makes them a top choice as a Java development company in the Netherlands.

Employees– 10 – 49
Location– Amsterdam, Netherlands

10. Global Orange

For over 16 years, Global Orange has been partnering with businesses to develop digital products that delight users and drive growth. Their personalized approach, local expertise, and proven process have contributed to the growth and success of over 100 companies, including startups, scale-ups, and larger companies like Tikkie, Primephonic, and Colliers. Global Orange offers a range of services, including UX, Tech, and Product Management expertise under one roof, ensuring great UX and scalable, future-ready technology.

They provide no vendor lock-in and full IP ownership, along with a personal, committed, and honest team. With a focus on SaaS and online platforms, Global Orange offers hybrid collaboration possibilities and aims to eliminate IT worries for their clients. With four development centers in Eastern Europe, they provide scalability and flexibility to take digital products to the next level.

Employees– 50 – 249
Location– Amsterdam, Netherlands

In conclusion

The rise of Java development in the Netherlands reflects the increasing need for innovative software solutions. The given Java development companies represent the industry’s best in the Netherlands, offering various expertise and services. Partnering with these top Java development companies in the Netherlands can help businesses create cutting-edge solutions and developers find rewarding opportunities in the Netherlands’ dynamic tech landscape.

The future of Java development in the Netherlands is bright, and by collaborating with the right Java development company, businesses and developers can unlock new possibilities and achieve success in the digital era.

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