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Top 10 Flight Booking Apps for Enhancing Your Travel Experience


There was a time when booking flights felt like one big, tedious task! You had to visit a travel agency, and airline offices, telephone reservations, and check out some travel brochures. But then, we saw a change. With the increasing use of smartphones and the world going digital, Flight Booking App came into existence and it changed the airline industry completely.

Planning a trip can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of the right flight booking apps, you can find the best deals on flights, compare different airlines and routes, and book your tickets with ease.

According to a report, 72% of travelers use their smartphones to book flights. This isn’t a passing trend. It shows that modern travelers want things to be easy and quick. If you plan to invest in flight booking app development in the current scenario, you’ll be taking advantage of this growth trajectory because lots of people are starting to flight booking apps like this.

If you are looking for some key features to integrate into your flight booking mobile application development, this blog is for you. We will discuss the top 10 flight ticket booking apps in 2024 and the reasons that make them stand out.

Why Should You Invest in Flight Booking App Development?

There are many reasons why you should invest in flight booking app development. Here are some of the most benefits of flight booking apps:

More People Booking Online

A lot of people are booking flights online. The online flight booking market could be worth around $123 billion by 2028. This is because more people are using smartphones and have more money to spend.

Easy and Flexible

Flight booking apps are simple to use. You can book flights anytime and anywhere. You can also change plans, compare prices, and keep track of your bookings.

Save Money

These apps help you find the cheapest flights by comparing prices. They might even show you discounts and special deals.

Better Travel Experience

These apps make traveling smoother. You get updates about your flight, can check in on your phone, and even track your luggage.

Build Your Brand

If your app is cool and easy to use, and provides the best rates and offers, more people will notice your brand.

Key Features in Flight Booking Apps Development

These are just a few of the important features to think about adding to your flight booking app. The features you choose will rely on your target users and your budget. Nevertheless, by incorporating the following fundamental features in your flight booking app development, you can develop a flight booking app that’s practical and easy for people to use.

Flight Search

Flight booking apps should allow users to easily search for flights by entering their desired travel dates, destinations, and other criteria. The app should display a list of flights that match the search criteria, along with the price, flight duration, and other details.

Price Comparison

Users should compare prices from various airlines and agents to discover the best flight deal.

Easy Booking

According to a report,60% of travelers are willing to pay more for a flight booking app that offers a better user experience. Booking flights should be straightforward, secure, and speedy for users.

Real-time Flight Status

Flight booking apps should provide users with real-time flight status information. This includes the current location of the flight, any delays or cancellations, and the estimated arrival time.

Online Check-in

Users should be able to check in for their flight digitally, avoiding airport lines.

Baggage Tracking

Flight booking apps allow users to track their baggage in real-time to know where it is and when it’ll reach them.

Rewards and Savings

Users should utilize rewards and discounts to cut travel costs using flight booking apps

Customer Support

Flight booking apps should offer customer support. This should be available 24/7 to help users with any problems they may have.

Payment options

Flight booking apps should offer a variety of payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

Language support

Flight booking apps should be available in multiple languages to accommodate users from all over the world.

Travel tips and advice

Flight booking apps can also provide users with travel tips and advice, such as how to pack for a trip or how to find the best deals on flights.

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List of Top 10 flight booking apps that will help you enhance your travel experience:

Let’s get into top 10 flight booking apps that are currently customer’s top choices in the flight industry in 2024 and understand the unique features that can help you integrate into your flight booking app development:

1. Expedia

Expedia app

The Expedia app is your ideal traveling companion. Everything is covered, including lodging, transportation, and vacation packages. You can easily browse options and compare prices thanks to its simple interface. The unique service offered by Expedia is called “Bundle and Save,” which enables you to combine bookings for further savings. Whether it’s a quick getaway or a lengthy journey, Expedia makes travel planning simple and dependable.


  • “Bundle and Save” feature for combined bookings and savings.
  • Regular deals and discounts on various travel components.
  • Flexible search options and real-time updates.
  • Offers travel inspiration through local activities.


  • Occasional customer service issues reported.
  • The interface can be slightly cluttered for some users.

Download the App here- Google Store / App Store

2 Kiwi.com

Kiwi app

Kiwi.com stands out with its innovative “Virtual Interlining” feature, enabling travelers to create cost-effective routes by combining flights from various airlines. The app’s price guarantee for disruptions provides peace of mind for unexpected changes in travel plans.


  • Innovates with flight combinations from different airlines for cost-effective routes.
  • Provides assurance by offering compensation for disruptions during travel.
  • offers customer support in multiple languages.


  • The booking process can be complex and overwhelming.
  • Some users report encountering hidden fees when booking.

Download the App here-  Google Store / App Store

3. Kayak


Kayak is a versatile travel app that offers comprehensive search options for flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. Its “Explore” feature assists users in finding travel ideas based on budget and preferences, while price forecasting and notifications aid in making well-informed booking decisions.


  • Offers a wide array of travel searches, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.
  • The “Explore” feature aids in discovering new travel destinations and ideas.
  • Provides insights into price trends to help users make timely bookings.


  • The interface might feel cluttered and overwhelming, especially for new users.
  • Some users find the presence of advertisements intrusive.

Download the Kayak App here- Google Store / App Store

4. Skyscanner

Skyscanner app

Skyscanner serves as a prominent travel application, offering users a convenient and streamlined platform to explore and secure flights, hotel accommodations, and rental cars. Distinguished by its user-friendly interface and robust search engine, Skyscanner facilitates comprehensive comparisons of prices and choices from a myriad of airlines, hotel chains, and car rental agencies within a singular virtual space.

The application is designed to provide up-to-the-minute notifications regarding flight availability and pricing dynamics, thereby enabling users to identify optimal deals aligned with their preferred travel schedule.


  • Searches for flights, hotels, and car rentals, make it a one-stop solution.
  • Offers price notifications to help users secure the best deals.
  • The intuitive interface simplifies the booking process.


  • Some users have reported encountering technical glitches while using the app.
  • The booking process might redirect users to external websites.

Download the Skyscanner App here- Google Store / App Store

5. Yatra


Yatra stands as a highly regarded online travel platform that addresses the diverse requirements of contemporary travelers. Serving as an all-inclusive travel resource, Yatra presents a spectrum of offerings encompassing flight reservations, hotel accommodations, vacation packages, and car rentals. The platform’s interface is designed for user ease, streamlining the process of exploring, contrasting, and opting for different travel alternatives. This ensures that users are able to identify the options that best align with their inclinations and financial considerations.


  • Covers flights, hotels, holiday packages, and activities all in one place.
  • The app’s interface is designed to make booking and planning easy.
  • Offers a loyalty program that rewards frequent travelers.


  • Some users have experienced occasional glitches and bugs.
  • The app might have fewer international flight choices compared to local flights.

Download the Yatra Flight Booking App here- Google Store / App Store

6. Momondo


Momondo’s specialty lies in its comprehensive and thorough search capabilities across numerous travel websites. Unlike other platforms, Momondo doesn’t limit its search to a few select sources; instead, it scours a wide range of airlines, travel agencies, and booking websites to provide users with a broader spectrum of options and prices.

This ability to aggregate and compare data from various sources sets Momondo apart, giving travelers a more holistic view of their choices. This unique approach empowers users to potentially discover hidden gems, better deals, and more diverse travel options, enhancing their overall travel planning experience.


  • Extensive Search: Conducts thorough searches across various booking platforms, ensuring optimal flight deals are uncovered.
  • Insightful Flight Analysis: Delivers detailed fare evaluations and valuable insights to facilitate well-informed travel choices.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Boasts a user-friendly app interface that prioritizes effortless navigation.


  • Minimal Extra Offerings: Presents fewer supplementary features when compared to certain rival platforms.
  • Booking Procedure: Some users may encounter challenges during the flight booking process.

Download the Flight Booking App here- Google Store / App Store

7. Priceline

Priceline app

Ever heard about a flight booking app where you can actually suggest the price you’re willing to pay for stuff? Yes, Priceline is that genie flight booking app. Priceline operates as a prominent travel platform, catering to travelers in search of advantageous deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages. Facilitating straightforward usability, the platform enables seamless price comparisons from diverse sources.

Distinguishing Priceline is its distinctive “Name Your Own Price” functionality. This empowers users to propose their preferred pricing for services, potentially resulting in notable cost savings. Coupled with an expansive range of choices, Priceline becomes a preferred option for those mindful of their budget, while also seeking enriching travel experiences.


  • Name Your Own Price: The unique bidding feature allows users to potentially get lower prices on accommodations.
  • Bundle Deals: Offers combined packages for flights, hotels, and car rentals for potential savings.
  • Express Deals: Features last-minute booking options for travelers seeking quick savings.


  • Limited Travel Options: Primarily focused on North American travel, with fewer options for other regions.
  • Complex Pricing: Some deals might have intricate pricing structures that are hard to understand.

Download this App here-  Google Store/ App Store

8. Skiplagged

Skiplagged app

Skiplagged is a unique travel app that helps you find hidden deals on flights. Unlike traditional search engines, Skiplagged employs a clever strategy called “hidden city” ticketing. It finds cheaper flights that include your intended destination as a layover, allowing you to save money by simply leaving the airport during the layover instead of continuing to the final destination. This innovative approach makes Skiplagged a go-to tool for travelers seeking unconventional yet cost-effective ways to reach their desired locations.


  • Specializes in hidden city ticketing for cheaper flights.
  • The “Hidden city” strategy offers unique cost-saving opportunities.


  • Limited customer support was reported by some users.
  • Hidden city ticketing can be against airline policies.

Download the App here: Google Store / App Store

9. Hopper

Hopper app

Hopper stands out with its predictive flight pricing technology. The app forecasts the optimal time to book flights, ensuring you get the lowest prices. By receiving timely alerts on price drops, you can secure the best deals and maximize savings. Hopper’s innovative approach to travel planning, coupled with its user-friendly interface, makes it an indispensable tool for travelers seeking budget-friendly and well-timed flight bookings.


  • Hopper’s technology predicts the best time to book flights for optimal savings.
  • Users receive alerts when flight prices drop, helping secure the lowest fares.
  • The app is designed for travelers seeking cost-effective flight bookings.
  • Hopper’s intuitive interface enhances the booking experience.


  • Hopper primarily focuses on flight bookings and lacks comprehensive travel services.
  • Some users report occasional inaccuracies in the predicted flight prices.

Download the App here: Google Store / App Store

10. ixigo

ixigo app

Discover ixigo, your ultimate travel companion. This all-in-one app lets you effortlessly search, compare, and book flights, hotels, trains, and buses.

What makes ixigo special? Its “Fare Intelligence” feature gives you insights into the best booking times and fare trends for optimal savings. Real-time updates on train and flight statuses keep you informed, and user reviews help you choose the perfect stay. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or occasional explorer, Ixigo makes travel easy, convenient, and well-informed.


  • Offers flights, trains, buses, and more in a single platform.
  • Provides real-time travel information and assistance during the journey.
  • User-generated reviews aid in making informed decisions.


  • Might have fewer options for international flights compared to local ones.
  • Hotel Booking Issues: Some users have reported difficulties with hotel bookings.

Download this App here- Google Store / App Store

Develop Your Dream Flight Booking App With Zealous

Developing your flight booking app with Zealous System. With a proven track record in mobile application development services, including specialization in the travel and booking industry, our seasoned team of mobile app developers, ui/ux designers, and strategists ensures a high level of expertise. Our approach centers on tailored solutions, understanding that each app has distinct requirements and objectives, allowing us to create a flight booking app that perfectly resonates with your brand identity and user preferences.

When you choose Zealous System for your flight booking app development, you leverage is our commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technologies. From intuitive interfaces to innovative functionalities like AI-driven recommendations and seamless virtual interlining, our focus on innovation sets your flight booking app apart.

Bring your flight booking app vision to life and ensure its continuous growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of travel technology.

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