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50+ Top App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made for Startups in 2024


In today’s digital era, having a mobile app has become an essential need for businesses. However, to differentiate yourself from the market competition, it’s crucial to find innovative and top app ideas that haven’t been made for startups.

In 204, startups have incredible opportunities to generate revenue through innovative apps ideas that haven’t been made for startups. The global app market is projected to reach a staggering $6.3 trillion by 2024, with an estimated 1.96 million apps available for download.

To capitalize on the mobile app industry, you can try these top app ideas like parking finder and reservation apps, which can tap into the increasing urbanization trends, or pet-friendly hotel finder apps, catering to the growing number of pet owners.

These latest mobile app ideas not only address emerging market demands but also offer lucrative revenue streams through partnerships and advertising. With the potential for significant returns, now is the time for startups to make their mark in the mobile app industry.

Top App Ideas for Startups in 2024 To Make Money

Top App Ideas for Startups to Make Money

According to recent statistics, the average smartphone user spends approximately 4.2 hours per day on mobile apps, highlighting the immense potential for startups to capture users’ attention and generate substantial profits. With these latest app ideas, startups can tap into this lucrative market and position themselves for success and can earn money with apps.

Meditation App

The idea of meditation app is to promote great mental health by giving users guided sessions starting from 5 minutes to half an hour. These include purposes such as stress-reduction, breathing exercises, emergencies by implementing mediation app development idea.

To get yourself a very scalable meditation app, you need to lookout for one of the best healthcare mobile app development company out there that help startups make money.

Motivational App

Motivation is extremely crucial to reach our goals. This means our moral stamina and inspiration to go through the day need to be there through motivation itself.

Now, why would somebody have such an mobile app? The answer is we all want to be successful in life and to do that we need motivation to push further. Hence, making motivational apps as one of the top app ideas for startups.

Book Exchange App Idea

Book Exchange is one of the top app idea that will be loved by book fans the most. Imagine: if you enter a book title, ISBN code or maybe a zip code, you’ll get a list of books and their owners who are willing to trade.

As there’s no such market for eBooks, it is quite obvious that people are still into printed books. So, to mix up the technology with the traditional market would be a nice move. Discover the top app ideas for book enthusiasts.

App Ideas for Pet Training

The motto behind pet training app idea is to offer pet training programs from pet trainers based on the inputs by users. They can also get professional tips along with lessons, video calls from trainers and other supervised content created by experts.

You can monetize with pet training app idea by offering premium lessons, trainer video calls, and other quality content for pet lovers.

Fitness App For Busy Moms

Fitness app for busy moms app idea will grab the maximum attention in this period of working moms. Other than a creative app idea, fitness app for busy moms focuses on fitness and addresses concerns for all the health related problems for busy moms.

The mobile app should have a customized feature of curating own services as per the availability and health concerns across all the stages of parenthood. The exercise should be such that it doesn’t need so much equipment and has a lot of recipes.

To get such an interesting top app app ideas that haven’t been made into reality, healthcare app development company can assist you in mobile app development process.

One of the popular competitor (in terms of app functionality and business model) is Moms into Fitness. Feel free to check them out if you’re interested in exploring this top app idea further.

Coupon App Idea

A great mobile app that can help you save your money! Who doesn’t want that? Coupon app idea allows users to review available discounts and coupons before visiting a mall or a restaurant. This app will always be handy. This may sound very boring but in 2019, users who have used mobile coupons have exceeded 1 billion across the globe.

This is a great mobile app idea, get yourself a prominent mobile application development company and get started with development of coupon app.

International Money Transfer App / Forex App

In 2022, over $130 billion money got transferred internationally and that too with the help of money transfer apps. Hence, these mobile apps are very much trending in the market. It’s a great fintech mobile app idea to consult a fintech app development company and get the trading started.

These mobile apps have to be user-friendly. There are various successful mobile applications in the market such as PayPal, Moneygram, etc.

Parking Finder and Reservation App

Looking to capitalize on the booming urbanization trends? Consider developing a parking finder and reservation app that revolutionizes the way people locate and secure parking spaces.

By streamlining the parking process, your parking finder app can provide convenience, time savings, and peace of mind to users, while also generating revenue through partnerships with parking facilities and advertising opportunities. The parking finder app is one of the top app ideas for startups as it is very trending globally.

Pet-Friendly Hotel Finder App

With pet ownership on the rise, there’s a lucrative market waiting to be tapped into mobile app startup. Create a pet-friendly hotel finder app that connects pet owners with accommodations that welcome their furry friends.

By catering to this niche audience, your hotel finder app idea for pet owners can offer a valuable service, attract a loyal user base, and generate revenue through partnerships with hotels, pet service providers, and in-app advertisements.

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Trending App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made

Trending App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made

Looking for the next top mobile app idea that haven’t been made? Explore trending app ideas to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of mobile applications. Discover the latest application ideas that highlight the immense potential for success in this booming industry.

EV Charging Station Finder App

EV charging station finder app allows users to easily locate nearby electric vehicle charging stations, promoting the adoption of sustainable transportation. By providing real-time information and navigation, this trending app ideas enables users to conveniently find charging points, reducing range anxiety and fostering the growth of electric vehicles. With the global EV market projected to reach 56 million units by 2040, creating an EV charging station finder app idea can contribute to a greener future.

NFT Marketplace Development

A platform for artists and collectors to trade and showcase non-fungible tokens (NFTs), revolutionizing the art and digital asset industry. By harnessing blockchain technology, this trending app  ideas ensures secure ownership and transparent transactions, opening up new possibilities for artists to monetize their work and for collectors to diversify their portfolios.

With the NFT market seeing a staggering $2.5 billion in sales during the first half of 2021, building an NFT marketplace can tap into this growing trend.

VR Based Virtual Travel App Ideas

Design an immersive virtual reality app that allows users to explore destinations from the comfort of their homes. By integrating stunning visuals and interactive experiences, this trending application idea offers a cost-effective and accessible way to travel, benefiting individuals who are unable to physically visit certain locations. But while developing this kind of application, you should also keep in mind app development costs.

With the global virtual reality market expected to reach $53.6 billion by 2027, developing a VR-based virtual travel app ideas presents a great opportunity. To do so, you can hire a travel app development company that works in VR based technologies.

Cloud Meeting App

Develop a robust cloud-based mobile application for seamless online meetings and collaboration. This app provides features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, and document sharing, enhancing productivity and connectivity among remote teams.

Remote workforce is projected to make up 36.2% of the global workforce by 2025, creating a cloud meeting app that can cater to the evolving needs of the modern workforce.

Food Donation App

Create an app that connects food donors with local organizations and individuals in need, minimizing food waste and addressing hunger. This mobile application idea allows users to easily donate excess food, reducing environmental impact and promoting social responsibility.

An estimated 931 million tons of food wasted globally each year, developing a food donation app can make a significant difference in reducing food insecurity and promoting sustainability.

AI-Based Picture Translation App

Build an innovative app that utilizes artificial intelligence to instantly translate text captured from images. This application idea enables users to overcome language barriers while traveling, enhancing communication and cultural exchange.

With more than 1.5 billion international tourist arrivals recorded globally in 2019, an AI-based picture translation app can greatly facilitate cross-cultural interactions.

AR Based Real Estate App

Develop augmented reality apps for real estate, allowing potential buyers to virtually tour properties and visualize renovations. By offering immersive experiences and interactive property exploration, AR based real estate app idea enhances the efficiency of the home-buying process and enables informed decision-making.

With the global real estate market value surpassing $200 trillion in 2020, creating AR-based real estate apps presents a valuable opportunity.

Stress Relaxing App

Create a collection of stress-relieving apps that offer meditation exercises, breathing techniques, and mindfulness practices. Stress relaxing app ideas provide users with effective tools to manage stress, improve mental well-being, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

With stress being a leading cause of health problems and affecting 75% of adults, developing stress-relaxing apps can positively impact individuals’ lives.

Home Security App

Design a comprehensive home security app that integrates surveillance, smart locks, and alarm systems, empowering users to protect their homes remotely.

This trending application idea provides real-time alerts, enabling users to respond promptly to potential security threats and ensuring peace of mind. With the global smart home market projected to reach $174.24 billion by 2025, building a home security app can tap into the increasing demand for connected home solutions.

Real-Time Voice to Text App

One of the best app ideas to make money is you can develop an application that converts spoken language into text in real time, benefiting individuals with hearing impairments and facilitating efficient transcription.

Voice to text app idea enhances accessibility and communication in various settings, including meetings, lectures, and conversations. With over 466 million people worldwide having disabling hearing loss, creating a real-time voice to text app can make a significant difference in promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

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Top App Ideas For On-demand Delivery Apps

Top App Ideas For On-demand Delivery Apps


In the fast-paced world we live in today, on-demand delivery apps have revolutionized the way goods and services are accessed and consumed. These apps ideas offer convenience, speed, and efficiency, making them a popular choice among consumers.

If you’re considering developing an on-demand delivery app, it’s crucial to have a solid on-demand mobile app idea that can captivate users and stand out in the competitive market. We will explore here some top app ideas for on-demand delivery apps that have the potential to succeed.

On-Demand Milk Delivery App

Develop an on-demand Milk delivery app development to provide a convenient solution for customers to order and receive clean drinking water at their doorstep. By leveraging this type of on demand delivery app ideas, users can save time and effort spent on purchasing water from physical stores, ensuring a steady supply of safe drinking water.

The milk industry is growing rapidly. The global milk market is expected to reach $331.80 billion by 2023, with a CAGR of 6.00%. This growth is being driven by a number of factors, including increasing demand for dairy products in developing countries, rising disposable incomes, and growing health consciousness.

On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

Create an on-demand fuel delivery app that allows users to order and receive fuel wherever they are, eliminating the need to visit gas stations. This app ensures convenience, saves time, and provides a seamless refueling experience. Studies indicate that on-demand fuel delivery services can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%, leading to significant cost savings for customers.

On-Demand Flower Delivery App

Establish an on-demand flower delivery app to enable users to send beautiful bouquets and arrangements to their loved ones on any occasion.

This app not only offers convenience but also ensures freshness and timely delivery. According to market research, the online flower delivery industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% between 2021 and 2026.

On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Develop an on-demand medicine delivery app that allows users to order prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications with ease.

On-demand medicine delivery application development idea ensures prompt delivery, especially for individuals with limited mobility or those in urgent need of medication. Research shows that the global online pharmacy market is projected to reach a value of $128 billion by 2025.

On-Demand Mechanics App

Create an on-demand mechanics app that connects users with qualified mechanics for car repairs and maintenance services at their preferred location.

On-demand mechanics app idea offers convenience, saves time, and provides a transparent platform for users to access reliable automotive services. A study reveals that the on-demand mechanic service market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2021 to 2028.

On-Demand House Cleaning App

Mobile app ideas for an on-demand house cleaning app that allows users to book professional cleaners to ensure a tidy and well-maintained living space.

This latest app idea provides flexibility in scheduling, reliable cleaning services, and a hassle-free experience. The global residential cleaning services market is anticipated to witness a compound annual growth rate of 5.4% during the forecast period 2021-2026.

On-Demand Car Wash App

Developing an on-demand car wash application to provide car owners with a convenient way to schedule car wash services at their preferred location and time.

These kinds of top app ideas save time, conserve water, and offer users the convenience of getting their vehicles cleaned without the hassle of visiting a car wash facility. According to industry reports, the car wash service market is expected to reach $41.1 billion by 2027.

On-Demand Snow Removal App

Create an on-demand snow removal app that connects users with snow removal professionals during winter seasons.

This top app idea ensures prompt response to snow removal requests, allowing users to easily clear their driveways and walkways. Research suggests that the global snow removal services market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.7% from 2021 to 2026.

On-Demand Plant Delivery App

Make an on-demand plant delivery app that enables users to order a wide variety of plants for their homes or gardens.

On-demand plant delivery apps idea offers convenience, a diverse selection of plants, and safe delivery to the customers’ doorstep. According to market analysis, the global online plant delivery market is expected to witness substantial growth in the coming years.

On-Demand Professional Organizers

Develop an on-demand professional organizers app that connects users with skilled organizers to help declutter and optimize their living or working spaces.

This app provides a personalized and efficient organizing service, enhancing productivity and creating a more organized environment. Studies show that the demand for professional organizing services has been increasing steadily in recent years.

Top On-demand Mobile App ideas

Top On-demand Mobile App ideas

Looking for the hottest on-demand mobile app ideas? With an astounding increase of 35% in on-demand app downloads in the past year alone, these innovative app ideas are connecting consumers with on-demand services at their fingertips, ensuring convenience, efficiency, and seamless user experiences. Stay ahead of the curve and explore the on-demand top app ideas that are reshaping the way we live, work, and play.

On-demand Health Apps

Developing a mobile app that connects users with healthcare professionals for instant medical assistance, appointments, and virtual consultations.

With the increasing demand for convenient healthcare services, an on-demand health app development can improve accessibility and save time for both patients and doctors, while providing timely medical advice and reducing hospital visits. According to a survey, 78% of consumers prefer using telehealth services due to their convenience and accessibility.

On-demand Fashion Apps

Create a mobile app that allows users to browse and purchase the latest fashion trends from the comfort of their homes.

By offering personalized recommendations based on user preferences and sizes, an on-demand fashion app can enhance the shopping experience and cater to the growing online fashion market. Recent studies indicate that online apparel sales are projected to reach $713 billion globally by 2022, highlighting the immense potential of this industry.

On-demand Plumbing Apps

Build a mobile app that connects users with licensed plumbers in their area, providing prompt and reliable plumbing services.

By simplifying the process of finding and booking a plumber, an on-demand plumbing app development idea can save time, reduce stress, and ensure timely solutions for plumbing emergencies. Statistics show that the global plumbing services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.9% from 2021 to 2026, emphasizing the significance of this market opportunity.

Top App Idea for an On-Demand Laundry App

If you are looking for app ideas that haven’t been made to make money, develop a mobile app that offers on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning services, enabling users to schedule pickups and deliveries at their convenience.

Such top app ideas can alleviate the hassle of doing laundry, particularly for busy individuals, while ensuring high-quality cleaning and prompt service. The global laundry services market is estimated to reach $118 billion by 2024, making it a lucrative space for innovation and business growth.

On-demand Beauty Service Apps

Create a mobile application that connects users with professional beauty experts who offer on-demand services like hairstyling, makeup, and skincare.

By bringing beauty services to users’ doorsteps, an on-demand beauty app development idea can save time, provide personalized experiences, and empower freelance beauty professionals. According to industry reports, the global beauty and personal care market is expected to reach $716.6 billion by 2025, indicating the immense potential for on-demand beauty services.

On-demand Dog Walking Apps

Build a mobile app that connects dog owners with reliable dog walkers in their vicinity, allowing them to schedule walks and track their pets’ activities.

With the increasing number of pet owners seeking convenient dog care solutions, an on-demand dog walking app can offer peace of mind, exercise, and socialization for furry companions. The pet care industry has been growing steadily, with an estimated worth of $232 billion globally.

On-demand Grocery App

This type of  top app idea can be very helpful for local grocery shop owners.  You can develop a mobile app that enables users to order groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep.

By providing a convenient and time-saving alternative to traditional grocery shopping, an on-demand grocery app development can cater to the evolving needs of busy consumers. According to market research, the global online grocery market is projected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2024, indicating a significant opportunity for app-based grocery services.

On-demand Video Streaming App

Create a mobile app that offers a wide range of on-demand video content, including movies, TV shows, and original productions.

With the increasing popularity of streaming services, an on-demand video app can provide users with a personalized and immersive entertainment experience. An experienced social media app development company can help you out in this. The global video streaming market is forecasted to reach $184.3 billion by 2027, highlighting the growing demand for such platforms.

On-demand Flight Booking Travel App Idea

Build a mobile app that allows users to search, compare, and book flights on the go, providing convenience and flexibility in travel arrangements.

By integrating multiple airlines and offering real-time updates, an on-demand flight booking app can simplify the process of planning and securing travel options. To get yourself a great on-demand flight booking app, a top travel software development company can be a great resource.

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Top App Ideas To Make Money in 2024

Top App Ideas To Make Money

Looking for app ideas to make money in 2024? We unveil here the top startup app ideas that haven’t been made and poised to make a splash in the market, backed by impressive stats and figures. Discover innovative app ideas to make money and secure your financial success this year.

Digital Identity Management

You can create a mobile application that offers secure and convenient management of digital identities, empowering users to control their personal information.

With the increasing need for online authentication, such an app ideas to make money can help individuals safeguard their identities and protect against identity theft, providing peace of mind and a seamless user experience.

Crowdfunding App Idea

You can make a mobile application that connects aspiring entrepreneurs and creative individuals with potential investors.

By facilitating crowdfunding campaigns, this mobile app allows people to raise funds for their innovative projects and ideas. According to recent studies, crowdfunding is projected to reach a market size of $300 billion by 2025, making it a lucrative opportunity for both investors and project creators.

Smart Contracts App ideas

Build an app that utilizes blockchain technology to automate and enforce contractual agreements, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Smart contracts offer transparency, efficiency, and security, and can be applied to various industries, such as real estate, supply chain management, and finance. By streamlining processes and reducing costs, smart contract app development ideas can revolutionize traditional contract systems and also help to make money.

Notary App

You can create an app that allows users to digitally notarize documents, reducing the time and effort involved in traditional notarization processes.

With the increasing digitization of paperwork, a notary app can offer convenience and accessibility, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of important documents. It is Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Digital Signature is projected to reach US$6,397.2 Thousand by 2024, registering a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.1% over the analysis period.

Supply Chain Management App Idea

Supply chain management app development helps to optimize supply chain processes, providing real-time visibility and traceability.

By integrating blockchain and IoT technologies, this app can help businesses streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and minimize errors. In a competitive market, efficient supply chain management can lead to cost savings of up to 20% and improved customer satisfaction.

Voting App

Build a secure and user-friendly app that enables individuals to participate in elections and decision-making processes from the comfort of their homes.

With increased accessibility and transparency, a voting app can enhance democratic participation and reduce the logistical challenges associated with traditional voting methods. It is estimated that mobile voting will increase by 88% by 2024, emphasizing the potential of such an applications ideas.

Gift Cards and Loyalty App

Create an app that consolidates various gift cards and loyalty programs, allowing users to manage and utilize their rewards efficiently.

By digitizing these programs, businesses can enhance customer engagement and loyalty. In the US alone, the digital gift card market is projected to surpass $14 billion by 2023, highlighting the growing popularity of such solutions.

IoT Cybersecurity App

Develop an app that safeguards Internet of Things (IoT) devices from potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities. As the number of connected devices continues to rise, the need for robust cybersecurity solutions becomes crucial.

By offering comprehensive protection, an IoT cybersecurity app development can mitigate risks and ensure the privacy and security of users’ data.

Peer-to-Peer Lending App

Build an app that connects borrowers directly with lenders, providing an alternative to traditional financial institutions.

Peer-to-peer lending platforms offer individuals the opportunity to access funds quickly and at competitive interest rates, while investors can earn attractive returns. The global peer-to-peer lending market is expected to reach $1,040 billion by 2027, highlighting the potential for such apps.

VR-Based Movie Theatre

Create an app that offers a virtual reality movie theater experience, allowing users to enjoy immersive films from the comfort of their homes.

With the advancement of VR technology, this app can revolutionize the way people consume entertainment, offering a more immersive and personalized cinematic experience. The global virtual reality market is projected to reach $209.2 billion by 2025, underscoring the potential of VR-based applications.

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Simple Top App Ideas for Small Businesses in 2024

App Ideas for Small Businesses

In this digital age, mobile apps have become indispensable tools for small businesses, with a staggering 89% increase in mobile app usage among consumers in the past year alone. Discover the top app ideas that will help streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and drive growth, ensuring your business stays ahead of the competition.

Household Services Ordering App

Create an app that allows users to conveniently order household services like cleaning, repairs, or gardening with just a few taps.

By tapping into the growing demand for on-demand services, you can tap household services ordering app development idea that is projected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2023, providing users with a hassle-free way to manage their household chores and generating a steady income stream for yourself.

Emergency Car Service App Idea

Develop an app that connects users with nearby emergency car services such as towing, jump-starts, or roadside assistance.

With the number of vehicles on the road increasing each year, there is a rising need for immediate help in case of breakdowns or accidents. Your app can fill this gap, providing convenience and peace of mind to drivers, while also generating revenue through service commissions.

Voice Recognition and Translation App

Capitalize on the global demand for communication across languages by building a voice recognition and translation app.

This mobile app idea can help users break language barriers, making travel, business meetings, and everyday interactions easier. With the translation market expected to reach $47 billion by 2023, you can tap into this lucrative opportunity while enabling people to connect and understand each other effortlessly.

Online Packing and Moving Services App

Simplify the daunting process of packing and moving by developing an app that connects users with professional movers and packers which is also unique mobile app idea which can make money.

With an increasing number of people relocating each year, your app can provide a convenient platform for booking reliable moving services. By offering value-added features such as tracking, insurance, and user reviews, you can establish trust and secure a share in the $20 billion moving industry.

Cost of Living and Travel Budget Planning App Idea

Empower users to manage their finances effectively with a cost of living and travel budget planning app ideas.

By integrating features like expense tracking, budget creation, and personalized recommendations, you can help individuals and families make informed financial decisions. With 87% of smartphone users relying on mobile apps for their personal finance management, your app can make a meaningful impact while generating revenue through premium features or advertisements.

Productivity and Scheduling App

Develop a productivity and scheduling app that assists users in managing their tasks, appointments, and deadlines efficiently.

With people juggling multiple responsibilities, there is a growing demand for mobile apps that enhance productivity. By offering features like reminders, calendars, and task organization, your app idea of  productivity and scheduling app can help users stay organized and save time. With the productivity software market projected to reach $96 billion by 2023, there is ample opportunity for both user benefits and financial gains.

Online Backup App

Safeguard valuable data and memories by creating an online backup app that automatically backs up users’ files, photos, and documents to the cloud.

With the rise in digital dependency, data loss can be catastrophic. Your app can provide peace of mind to users by ensuring their information is securely stored and easily retrievable. With the global cloud storage market expected to exceed $190 billion by 2023, building such an app can be a lucrative endeavor.

Money Saving App

Help users save money and achieve their financial goals with a money-saving app. By offering features like expense tracking, budgeting tools, and personalized savings recommendations, you can empower individuals to make smarter financial decisions.

With 72% of Americans expressing worries about their financial future, Money saving app development idea can address this concern while generating revenue through partnerships with financial institutions or referral programs.

Interior Design App

You can cater to the growing interest in home improvement and interior design by creating an app that provides users with inspiration, tips, and tools to transform their living spaces.

With the global home decor market projected to reach $838 billion by 2023, this simple app idea can tap into this lucrative industry. By offering features like virtual room visualization, style recommendations, and access to a curated marketplace, you can help users create their dream homes while earning through affiliate marketing or premium content.

Dating App

Build a dating app that offers a unique and engaging user experience, facilitating meaningful connections in the digital age. With the online dating market expected to surpass $3 billion by 2023, there is immense potential to create a successful dating platform. You can partner with any reputed dating app development company that have developed this type app.

By incorporating features like intelligent matching algorithms, video profiles, and enhanced privacy controls, your app can help individuals find love and companionship while generating revenue through premium subscriptions or advertising partnerships.

Top Unique App Ideas to Consider in 2024

Unique App Ideas

The digital age has brought forth a thriving mobile app market, offering numerous opportunities for app developers. However, with the vast number of existing apps, it’s essential to devise unique app ideas that can capture users’ attention and distinguish your app from the rest.

With staggering statistics indicating the skyrocketing demand for mobile applications, now is the perfect time to explore these cutting-edge concepts and pave your way to success in the ever-evolving app industry. Check out here innovative and unique app ideas that have the potential to create a lasting impact across different industries.

Museum app

Develop a museum app that offers virtual tours and interactive exhibits, allowing users to explore renowned museums from the comfort of their homes. With the increasing popularity of digital experiences, this type of unique app idea can attract a wide audience and generate revenue through ticket sales and partnerships with cultural institutions.

Scan and Shop app

Create a scan and shop app that enables users to scan barcodes or QR codes of products to instantly make purchases.

By leveraging this convenient shopping method, users can save time and effort, while you can earn revenue through affiliate partnerships with e-commerce platforms. In 2022, global mobile commerce sales reached $3.91 trillion, highlighting the immense potential of this app idea. Find out an eCommerce app development company that has worked in this type of shopping application.

Phone Silencer App

Build a phone silencer app that automatically detects and mutes users’ smartphones in designated silent zones such as cinemas, libraries, or meetings.

This unique app idea can provide a hassle-free solution for individuals to avoid disruptive situations while allowing essential notifications to come through. With over 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide, the demand for such an app is substantial.

Receipt Management App

Design a receipt management app that helps users organize and track their expenses digitally. By providing features like expense categorization, budgeting tools, and receipt scanning capabilities, this unique mobile app idea simplifies financial management.

In the US alone, consumers spent $221 billion on mobile payment transactions in 2021, emphasizing the potential for monetization through premium subscriptions or targeted advertisements.

Unique App Idea Like Subscription-manager App

Develop a subscription-manager app that enables users to efficiently manage their various subscriptions in one place. With the average human spending $640 on subscriptions per year, this app can save users money by preventing accidental renewals and providing personalized recommendations.

mobile application monetization can be achieved through partnerships with subscription services and premium features.

Tenant Finder And Communication App

Create a tenant finder and communication app that connects landlords with prospective tenants and facilitates seamless communication throughout the rental process.

With the global rental market projected to reach $1.73 trillion by 2026, this unique application idea can attract both landlords and tenants, providing a platform to list properties and streamline rental transactions.

Text Reader App

Build a text reader app that utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert printed text into digital format, enabling users to listen to written content.

This app can assist individuals with visual impairments or those who prefer audio-based consumption, offering accessibility and convenience. Over 2.2 billion people globally have visual impairments or difficulty reading, making this app idea highly impactful.

Eat-together App Idea

Design an eat-together app that connects individuals with similar culinary interests, allowing them to organize and participate in shared dining experiences.

This mobile app idea fosters social connections, promotes cultural exchange, and can generate revenue through partnership collaborations with restaurants or sponsored events. In the US, 19% of millennials dine out at least three times a week, demonstrating the potential for a thriving user base.

Social Rating App Idea

Develop a social rating app that enables users to rate and review various aspects of businesses, products, or services.

By providing a platform for user-generated reviews and recommendations, this type of  unique app ideas help others make informed decisions. With 92% of consumers reading online reviews before making a purchase, businesses can benefit from increased exposure and credibility through this app.

Civil Construction App

Create a civil construction app that offers project management tools, collaboration features, and real-time updates for construction professionals.

This app can streamline workflows, improve communication, and enhance productivity in the construction industry. In 2021, the global construction industry was valued at $13.23 trillion, indicating the vast market potential for this app idea.


In the dynamic world of startups, having a standout top app ideas can make all the difference in gaining traction and securing success. The app market is filled with opportunities, and choosing the right idea can set your startup apart from the competition.

In conclusion, top app ideas for startups hold tremendous potential for growth and success. By choosing an innovative, user-focused concept, developing it with excellence, and continuously refining and adapting it based on user feedback, your startup can pave the way for remarkable achievements in the competitive app market. Embrace the power of creativity, seize the opportunities available, and let your startup shine with an exceptional top app ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of app makes the most money?

The type of app that makes the most money is gaming apps. In 2022, the global revenue of gaming apps stood at $110 billion. This is followed by live video streaming apps and short video apps, which generated $25 billion and $18 billion in revenue respectively.

Here are some of the most profitable apps in each category:

Gaming app: Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile, Roblox
Live video streaming app: TikTok, YouTube, Twitch
Short video app: TikTok, Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight

How do I get good app ideas?

Here are some tips on how to get good app ideas:

  • Identify a problem
  • Look at the market
  • Be creative
  • Do your research
  • Validate your idea

What kind of app are people looking for?

There are many different kinds of apps that people are looking for. Here are some of the most popular categories:

  • Social media apps
  • Messaging apps
  • Gaming apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Health and fitness apps
  • Transportation apps
  • Food delivery apps

Why Do Most Apps Fail?

There are many reasons why most apps fail. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Lack of product-market fit
  • Poor user experience
  • Lack of marketing and promotion
  • Competition
  • Technical problems
  • Lack of funding
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