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The Hindu Recognised Zealous System as Best Web Development Company


The Hindu, an English Language Indian daily newspaper headquartered in Chennai, released a list of the best Website Development Companies in India because of the growing need for web platforms and the current digitalization drive ongoing in India. The announcement was made on 31st March 2022 and the list was published on the official digital platform of the media house under the title “Top 20 Web Development Companies in India.

In their web article, The Hindu referred to the growing world of the web and its capabilities of driving sales, experience, personalization, and making a business open to customers 24*7. With the growing popularity also comes the need for a personalized web platform that can meet the end goals of the business.

Since there is ample competition in the market, The Hindu concluded that an organization looking for a personalized and sales-driven web platform requires a Web Development expert that has the required technical proficiency and domain expertise to deliver a cutting-edge web platform that helps businesses in gaining a competitive edge in the market. While talking about the in-house development options, The Hindu said that the organizations can try and build the expensive IT infrastructure but with limited time and resources, the enterprises might not be able to get the desired outcomes from their development efforts.

Thus, to help their enterprise reader base that is looking for the perfect website or web platform that can generate round-the-clock sales, The Hindu team compiled the list of Best Web Development Service Providers of India, in which Zealous System was listed as one of the Top Web Development Companies.

While introducing Zealous Systems to their readers, The Hindu said that “Although their primary focus lies on mobile app development, Zealous System is more than capable of web development as well, whether it is a custom-coded PHP solution or the one based on a popular CMS like WordPress or Drupal. One of their specialties is knowing Laravel, the popular PHP framework, inside and out, so this custom web development company has all the tools and know-how it needs to include the kind of features that are very specific.

In their introduction to the company, The Hindu not only recognized the web development and technology expertise of Zealous, but they also recognized Zealous expertise in Mobile App Development. With Web and Mobile Development expertise under one roof, Zealous not only helps enterprises with quality web platforms but can also help enterprises create a personalized IT infrastructure to help their enterprise clients disrupt their relevant and target markets.

Apart from Web Development Services, Zealous System delivers exemplary IT solutions to numerous clients from various domains and countries. With recognitions such as Microsoft Gold Partner and fully-functional offices in India, USA, Australia, Canada, and Namibia, Zealous has made a global mark in the IT industry. The firm is also heavily investing in cognitive technologies, such as IoT development, Augmented Reality, and other emerging technologies making it one of the comprehensive IT service providers in India.

 Over the years, Zealous has not only earned recognition in India, but it has also got many recognitions from global research platforms such as GoodFirms, Clutch, TopDevelopers.co, and others for their exemplary IT skills and rare pool of technology resources. The organization also enjoys positive word of mouth from enterprise clients across the world and they have many verified reviews and feedback in the form of written testimonials as well as video testimonials on various research platforms as well as their official website.

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