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Small Business: Essential Tips For Your Web Store


These days, it’s not arduous to set up and launch an eCommerce business, website or an app. In fact, for small businesses, it is hard to develop strategies and push right buttons to drive growth. Besides, it becomes difficult to retain existing customers, keeping up with technology and meeting consumer expectations.

multi marketing channels

In the light of this difficulty, here are some key trends to leverage your eCommerce business:

Identifying new methods for business

It is a practice of interacting with customers using a combination of both direct and indirect channels. Selling on multiple channels is the easiest way to grow your business. However, running a multi-channel business is time-consuming.

Tips to know about cross-channel services to make it work for your business:

  1. Research point of sale cloud software.
  2. Configure your inventory system for multiple POS front-ends.
  3. Offer multiple products and delivery choice.

offering multiple choice for products

While you may have a dedicated web store, you can also try selling at online platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

Amazon and eBay


mCommerce is poised to burst into the mainstream making it easier for people to shop on their mobile phones. Even in Sub-Saharan Africa, 70% of the population now has network coverage and soon will have access to 3G/4G coverage. In our previous post, we have described the importance of getting mCommerce into your business.


Tips to raise customer engagement through smartphones:

  1. Provide mobile applications for a seamless customer purchase experience.
  2. Take the PageSpeed Insights test to picturise your online store on different devices.
  3. Built a mobile responsive site/mobile web app. (One size fits all. Improved visibility)

Deliver ideal consumer experiences

Building customer experience strategies and identifying solution are the most effective ways to bring customers back for more business. Therefore, it is important for web design for small business to create an enjoyable customer experience. Also, find ways to connect and develop more ways to interact directly with them.

Tips to improve user experience and boost sales:

  1. Keep stability across channels & proceed a better checkout.
  2. Invest in the product description, image quality & SEO.
  3. Present your perspective on your services at Home, About Us, Contact Us, and Product pages.
  4. Along with checkout, mention shipping and return policy on all pages.
  5. Explore multiple channels for customer service such as IMs.


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In addition, add messages to shipping boxes, email a post-purchase consumer satisfaction survey, provide a return label with clear instructions.

Innovate Customer Service Operations

A multi-channel approach for customer service can help you forge lasting relationships with online visitors. Other than showcasing e-mail and phone, consider the following as well:-

  1. Web-chat window
  2. E-mail forms
  3. Messaging apps
  4. Widgets of services like Skype (click to call Skype button)
  5. Self-service channels (FAQs, Help Section)

Examples for IMs

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Wrapping Up

It becomes a major challenge for all entrepreneurs to find new customers and meet their expectations. However, for being innovative you have to put a lot of energy to create unique and fun product descriptions. Meanwhile, these tips can help you to imagine for endless ideas to leverage your eCommerce business and drive sales.

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