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5 Relevant Mobile App Metrics To Watch-Out For!


Users are often inspired by the features of new mobile apps, but their high expectations remain unmet during the app experience. Generally, the way people interact with an app is different from the way they use websites.

Nearly, 26% of apps are opened only once

However, 80-90% of apps are eventually deleted from users phone

Usually, the objective of mobile app publishers is to build their mobile marketing strategies based only on a few metrics, such as downloads, launches and app revenue.

Here are 5 critical mobile app metrics that helps to grow your app:

Uninstall Rate

Uninstall rates are retention metrics that lets you know the percentage of users discontinue using your app each week. This, in turn, helps you to understand the long-term sustainability of your app.

Moreover, calculating Churn rate is essential for tracking active users that decide to unsubscribe or uninstall the app.

Mobile app-metrics-uninstall-rate

Active User

It tracks the number of the app’s daily active users, or monthly depending on the type of app.

For example- messaging or social media apps (like Facebook or Snapchat) have a high number of daily active users. Whereas, Apps selling flight tickets will focus more on monthly active users.

Once you know your base and current active users, you have a baseline for improving engagement to increase users across channels.

app users

Cost Per Loyal Users

The cost of acquiring loyal users for an app is an even more important metric. Cost per loyal user (CPLU) provides a meaningful insight. It gives an idea of how much you are spending on the loyal users.

Accordingly, you can calculate CPLU as:

Cost of Loyal Customer = (Total marketing campaign costs related to acquisition) / (Total loyal customers acquired)

Session Length

Session length is the amount of time your users are spending in your app per individual session. Basically, it indicates the time gap between the app’s check-in and check-out process.

Tracking the number and length of sessions will give you a basic understanding of how engaging your app is. A higher session length shows that your app is useful, functional and captivating.

app-session-length-worldwide-android-phone[Courtsey: App-session-length-worldwide-android-phone]

Customer Lifetime Value

Lifetime value is your primary revenue metrics which indicates the earnings from your app. More specifically, “it is the amount of money your app would make from a single user.”

You can calculate CLTV manually with this formula:

CLTV formula

Wrapping Up

Analyzing and measuring these app engagement metrics is an effective way to plan your user engagement strategies. These mobile metrics encourage you to build and maintain a highly engaging app. Also, a profitable channel in your brand’s overall marketing strategy.

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