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5 Reason why Native Mobile App Development is the best for Enterprises


“Data is the new Oil”. If you are any way related to the IT domain, you would have heard this phrase been tossed around several times. While many are under the false impression that Data is termed as new oil because it is the best and the shortest way to make money, the reason Data is termed oil is completely different.

Just like oil, when data is in its raw form, it is of no value at all to anyone. But, when that data is processed and it’s used as an insight to improve the productivity and service of any business and to better serve customer with personalized services, then it turns out to be valuable. And in such fast paced IT world, an organization that is successful in delivering personalized services or products to their customer at right price and at the right time is the one that stays ahead in the competition curve.

Especially when we talk about mobile applications, the success of any mobile app is highly dependent upon the relativity, user experience and the performance of the mobile application. And data suggests that the best way to incorporate seamless and delightful User Experience and to integrate best possible app performance is to opt for native mobile app development. Before we move to the reasons why native mobile app development is the best development alternative, first let’s understand all the types of mobile app development and how they are different from one another:

Types of Mobile App Development:

Types of Mobile App Development

Web Apps Development:

Web Apps are basically the “Mobile Versions” of websites and applications built for desktops and computers. The adaptive Web Apps are scaled and designed in a way that is fits the screen of different hand-held devices without spoiling the experience of the users. Such Apps are not registered on any of the App Store platforms and are simply built for users to access the existing applications and websites from their mobile and tablet devices.

Native Mobile App Development:

Native Mobile Applications are such applications that are designed and developed for a specific App Store Platform. They are developed by using the programming languages that are supported and encouraged by the App Stores such as Android, iOS and Windows. The apps that are developed “native” are often preferred and pushed by the App stores as they are best in terms of performance and delightful User Experience.

Hybrid Mobile App Development:

For those enterprise mobility who are running the ship on a tight budget and who do not have much emphasis of performance and user experience and are not motivated to publish their applications on App Store platforms, they can opt for hybrid mobile app development that are developed using HTML5 programming languages and can be installed on mobile devices like native apps but they run from web browsers and not from App Stores.

Now that you know the difference between all the types of Mobile App Developments, below are the 5 reasons why Native App Development is best for enterprises:

Reasons why enterprises must opt for Native Mobile App Development:

Native Mobile App Development

Faster Mobile Applications with Optimum App Performance:

When an enterprise opts for native mobile app development, the mobile apps are directly installed on the mobile devices and it can be directly accessed from it. This means that the native mobile app is not dependent on any outside server or bandwidth and speed of the internet connectivity. This allows the mobile apps to react quickly resulting in faster and better performing Mobile applications in comparison of other hybrid and web apps.

Mobile Applications that are more Secure:

When the users access a native mobile application, the applications are directly installed in devices and can fully leverage the native security features of the Operating Systems of the device. Apart from that, users have remote access to their data and can protect it from being leaked or compromised. Also, the apps that are built for Native Platforms can also avail all the security enhancements that are made by the Operating Systems of the devices.

Native Apps has the App Store backing:

Whether it is App Store or Play Store or Windows Apps, the apps that are featured on those platforms are the ones that are Native Apps developed exclusively for the platform. And if you are planning for a mobile application that has the mass as the Target Audience, then it is essential that your Mobile App is available on these App Stores! Also, the apps that are registered on these App Stores are presumed to be credible and secure by the users across the world.

Native Apps has better UX on the hand held devices:

When developers code a mobile application using the native programming language, they have access to the SDKs and all the UX enhancement tools that are offered by the App Stores. This enables them to design the User Experience in a way that is best suitable for the business objectives as well as the user expectations.

Scalable and Future Proof Mobile Applications:

No matter how frequent updates and trends hit the market, Native Apps always have access to APIs that allows them to easily and rapidly integrate those new features and updates for their native Mobile Applications. And if they are not available, one can also create APIs for them. The Native Apps have complete flexibility and can be easily scaled to match the current and future customer expectations.

Whether the app is built for a specific niche or for the world at large, the app that would need to perform better, faster and that must have security measures to protect the sensitive data, the best way to develop the mobile app is via native mobile app development. And if you need experienced app development companies backed by cutting edge tech infrastructure and who has immense exposure to different domains and business verticals, contact us. Get access to the pool of rare resources and become a part of the ecosystem that encourages Value Based Partnerships and encourages Customer Centric approaches and practices.

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