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Nov 10

Mobile First Indexing: Relevant Practices for Your Website

By zealousys

Earlier this month Google made an important announcement about its search results indexing process. The search giant declared that they are planning to move away from desktop-based indexing to mobile-first indexing.

What is mobile-first indexing?

In mobile-first indexing, search algorithms give preference to the mobile version of a page to evaluate its position in the search results.

Reasons for the shift

  1. The no. of mobile users have passed the number of desktop users worldwide
  2. More people access Google through their phones than desktop computers

Yet, the current ranking system looks at the desktop version of a page to index it in the SERPs.

Mobile stats vs desktop-users-global

[Courtesy: Smart Insights]

Mobile First Indexing SEO Implications: Things to know

-The mobile version of the page should have the same content as the desktop version.

-Hence, the mobile version of the pages will be used to:-

  1. Rank the content
  2. Understand structured data available
  3. Show snippets in the search results

Recommendations for webmasters

Responsive website + Same Content and Markup (Mobile Version +Desktop Version)

-No need to change anything

Separate websites + Different Content and Markup (Mobile Version +Desktop Version)

-Make sure structured markup across both websites

-Ensure that the robots.txt for the mobile website is available to Google bot (Robots.txt tester tool)

-Make no changes to the canonical links

Separate websites + Same Content and Markup (Mobile Version + Desktop Versio)

-Check if both the versions have been added and verified in Google Search Console

Only a single desktop website

-Google will still index your website just fine

-However, for accessibility and UX reasons, it is recommended to have a mobile version ==> More hits

The Takeaway

If you are a business owner without a mobile friendly website, you cannot afford to do so any longer. Website owners should realize that the majority of the traffic to their website in the future will be through mobile devices.

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