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IT Outsourcing Statistics, Market Size & Trends [Infographic]


The IT Outsourcing Market Overview paints a picture of strategic partnerships, enabling companies to focus on their core strengths. As technology evolves, the Global Outsourcing Trends and Market Size showcase a thrilling narrative of growth.

Cloud computing and automation take the stage as catalysts, driving the outsourcing phenomenon to new heights. The market’s expansion knows no bounds, with projections promising an even more remarkable future.

Notably, India, China, and the Philippines emerge as the stars, offering a blend of skill, innovation, and affordability that fuels the industry’s momentum. These nations stand as the vanguards, steering the outsourcing landscape into uncharted territories. To know more, please go through the infographic below:

Find Here IT Outsourcing Statistics, Market Size & Trends

IT Outsourcing Market Overview

This section has 3 categories and their gradual growth. Along with that, an increase in budget and the amount around employee spending as well.

Global IT Outsourcing Trends, Statistics and Market Size

Market size is very large and focuses more on automation, AI and cloud computing. A lot of US companies require assistance in finding genuine clients and much more is detailed in the infographic below.

IT Outsourcing Market Stats by Countries

The last section describes the stats countrywide where India is expected to have a market size of $210billion by 2025. These stats will draw a clear picture and provide you a better understanding.

Infographic -IT Outsourcing Statistics, Market Size & Trends

IT Outsourcing Statistics, Market Size & Trends Infographic

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