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Jan 29

We Hustled for 5 years, Built The Foundation, And Now We’re Unstoppable!

By Pranjal Mehta

“Fresh ambition has its own smell.” It is rejuvenating-ly good. There are ideas, and then, there are million interactions inside the head.

We bought the interactions on the table. Little did we know, we were cementing the roadmap to success.

Every morning, we woke up with a checklist in the mind, eventually turning those pieces of papers and sticky notes into goals to be accomplished, and roads to be travelled.

Consistently beating our own deadlines and limits, we stepped way out of the comfort zone, only to realise how important it is to build ‘matter’ first, and a medium later!

It is important to build ‘matter’ first, and a medium later!

Success isn’t always about greatness. Rather, it’s about being passionate at what you do consistently. And we’re Passionate to Code Your Success.

From day one, we were committed to only one thing – consistency. Because it is contagious. It attracts goals, and fulfillment of goals tastes amazing. So, after 5 years of hustle, hard work, and determination, we’ve finally reached to a point where…


We are a huge Indispensable family of dedicated experts and professionals!


Dedicated Developers

“A family with values.”

Cohesive and aligned to ONE philosophy – Deliver Customer-centric Solutions with Passion.

We deliver Customer-centric Solutions with Passion.

A team that influences each other and brings out the best in each other. A team that believes in synergy, collective growth, and sharing the same ideologies.

A team that holds the substance to withstand the challenges, however complex they might be, and produce simple-structured-scalable solutions.

A team that belongs together!


We’ve Mastered Latest Technologies!


Technology Partner


“We aren’t doing anything new. Period.”

With our presence Globally, we are a ‘normal’, but passionate IT and software development company, having expertise in Web, Mobile Application development, and UI/UX Design for diverse industries.

Swift, Java, .NET, Open-source, AR/VR, Xamarin, you name it. We’ve mastered it all!

Our services have been well received, and the recognition we hold for that, comes in the form of certificates we truly stand for – We are a privileged Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a Registered Google Play Developer, and D&B Certified.


We’ve Built Extraordinary Business Solutions!


Business Intelligence solutions


From custom ERP to HR Management System, from Business Intelligence solutions to Educational Management systems, and from large-scale eCommerce Applications to Mobile Game Development, we’ve immaculately curated and delivered best-in-class business solutions that have changed the way enterprises work.

Aligned with the principles of Agile software development, we keep the client aware and informed about each stage, reflecting his/her ideas in a fluidic manner throughout. What worth are the solutions if they cannot establish a connect with the clients!

We feel immensely satisfied knowing that we know something about everything, and that, that is enough to produce good refined work.

Our belief in holistic development suffices our thirst for taking risks in areas we haven’t wandered yet, but then, what differentiates a good business from smart business, if not taking calculated risks!


So…What’s Next?


What’s Next


Now that we have our VOICE intact, we are ready to spur the EXTREMES, passionately and fiercely!

On Day One…We started building the Foundation for One Day. That day is TODAY!

Next is what – An Idea, an Interaction…Innovation, maybe?

We’re Game for it!

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