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Beyond The Scoreboard: The AI Revolution in Saudi Arabian Sports

Artificial Intelligence February 6, 2024

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is experiencing a dynamic shift in its sporting landscape, fueled by ambitious visions and cutting-edge technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a pivotal role in this transformation, promising to revolutionize both professional and recreational sports across the nation.

When the Saudi government offered soccer superstar Lionel Messi a contract said to be worth more than $500 million for two years, the amount seemed staggering though it should not have been surprising. That strategy—paying an exorbitant price to gain influence by hiring the world’s best talent—is one Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states have consistently applied in sports and other spheres.

Now, the Saudis have set their sights on becoming leaders at the cutting edge of technology development in everything from biotechnology to semiconductors and artificial intelligence (AI). And they appear to be prepared to pay top dollar to do it.

7 ways AI is shaping the future of Saudi sports:

1. Optimizing Athlete Performance:

AI-powered training programs are analyzing vast amounts of data on athletes’ movement, technique, and performance metrics. This data is used to create personalized training plans, identify areas for improvement, and predict potential injuries, ultimately maximizing athletic potential. Imagine AI coaches providing real-time feedback during training sessions, or even predicting fatigue before it sets in.

2. Revolutionizing Fan Engagement:

AI-powered chatbots are already interacting with fans, answering questions, and providing personalized recommendations. Imagine AI-powered virtual assistants offering real-time game insights, tailored highlights, and even personalized merchandise suggestions. AI can also personalize stadium experiences, from navigating concessions to finding the best seats.

3. Enhancing Refereeing and Officiating:

AI-powered video assistant referees (VAR) are already being used in some Saudi sports, reducing human error and ensuring fairer outcomes. As AI technology evolves, expect more sophisticated systems that can analyze complex situations in real-time, leading to more accurate and consistent calls.

4. Streamlining Player Recruitment and Development:

AI algorithms can analyze vast datasets of player performance data from various leagues and levels, identifying hidden gems and predicting future success potential. This can revolutionize talent scouting and development programs, giving Saudi teams a competitive edge in the global sporting arena.

5. Personalizing Sports Content and Viewing:

AI can analyze individual fan preferences and viewing habits to curate personalized sports content recommendations and experiences. Imagine AI-powered platforms that suggest matches, players, and highlights based on your interests, creating a truly personalized and engaging sports viewing experience.

6. Democratizing Access to Sports:

AI-powered language translation tools can break down language barriers, making sports content and commentary accessible to a wider audience within the Kingdom. This can foster greater inclusivity and appreciation for diverse sporting cultures.

7. AI in Sports Broadcasting:

The broadcasting landscape is evolving in Saudi Arabia with AI playing a pivotal role in sports coverage. Automated camera systems, AI-driven graphics, and data analysis tools enhance the visual appeal of broadcasts. AI algorithms can instantly analyze game data to provide real-time insights and statistics, enriching the viewing experience for sports enthusiasts.


As Saudi Arabia leverages the era of AI, the sports industry is undergoing a profound transformation. From elevating athlete performance to revolutionizing fan engagement and refining officiating processes, AI is proving to be a game-changer in every aspect of sports. The Kingdom’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligent solutions, ensures that the intersection of AI and sports will continue to evolve, creating a dynamic and technologically advanced sports landscape for athletes and fans alike.

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