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An Excerpt: Zealous System’s CEO in a Straightforward Interview with GoodFirms


Zealous System holds pride in being recognised by GoodFirms for its outstanding client reviews and unconventional business approach in mobile app development services globally. Having Microsoft Gold Partnership to its accolade, Pranjal Mehta, the Managing Director of the company, provides the technical and market insight as to how the company operates in synergy with ‘client satisfaction’ being the epitome of measuring success, and what parameters does he ensure in his operations while developing one-of-its-kind mobile applications.

Focus on Team Goals

Pranjal emphasises on team-driven growth goals for the holistic development of the company, which is why he believes that the company’s business model highlights ‘value-addition’ first and ‘scalable solutions’ later; ultimately resulting in the company striving to deliver quality. This philosophy has earned Zealous the privilege to work with some top brands across the globe.

Wholesome Solutions, Way to Retention

Being the CEO too, he brings novelty to the table in terms of bridging the gap between the approach of the companies and services they provide. With Zealous System, he envisions an ecosystem where problems are addressed with whole solutions, and no bit and pieces as that mars the essence of the solution. Over the span of 10 years now, Zealous has retained 80% of its clients across the industries, complementing the fact that ‘Quality over Quantity’ does prevail. He says that his team loves to pour passion to the apex when posed with challenging and intriguing projects. So, the choice of projects and the approach is what Zealous pays a lot of attention to, too!

Flexible Path, Fixed Goal

Being flexible with the budget of the projects, clients find it welcoming to work with Zealous. Pranjal stresses on the fact that no constraint should come in the way of a potential project. This also helps the team to polish their skills and grow beyond their comfort zone, and not just play in the safe area with similar kind of projects.

Read On…

Read the full interview to know more on how Zealous System rose to become a regular in the lists of GoodFirms as the “Top Mobile App Development Company’, and how it stands apart from its competitors, maintaining its stance at GoodFirms. The interview covers at length the parameters to consider before staring the development of a mobile app, and how much time goes into building a seamlessly working app, a guaranteed success! If you’re stuck at crossway not knowing how to proceed with your next mobile app development, or which platform is best suited to your idea, this is what you should be reading right away!

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    Pranjal Mehta

    Pranjal Mehta is the Managing Director of Zealous System, a leading software solutions provider. Having 10+ years of experience and clientele across the globe, he is always curious to stay ahead in the market by inculcating latest technologies and trends in Zealous.


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