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Jan 26

How to Create Quick Infographics in PowerPoint

By zealousys

Infographic, the most widespread data visualization tool for Social Media Marketing. Basically, it tends to break down complex information into smaller pieces that can be easily understood.

It is a brief but highly informative way of conveying a message (a procedure, story, history, etc) to the audience.

[Courtesy: Google Trends]

How to create an Infographic with PowerPoint

Start with a new blank layout slide and change the slide custom size to portrait.

Powerpoint slide custom

Change the size of the slide: For example- Width= 6″ and Height= 12″. Note – For an infographic, Height of the slide = double or more than the width (as recommended by Slideshare)

Change the background color of the slide as per your requirements. Hence, you can fill the slide background to solid, gradient, or can add pictures, patterns, and textures to it.

background colour

Create quick illustrations with smart art.  Go to Insert > SmartArt.


Here’s a quick concentric chart created using smart art. Simple, easy and clutter-free.


Enrich the chart with clipart, shapes, and images. Tell a story. For instance, the following diagram for our last blog post was created entirely in powerpoint.

Public-Sector-Service-Delivery[source: Mobile Apps in Business Operations]

Start creating the infographic with designs. PowerPoint provides the facility to add texts, shapes, and smart arts, margin, charts, images, etc.How to create infographic with powerpoint

When you are completed with the graphics and text, save it as a PDF format.

 How infographic helps in marketing

Although, an infographic is great for any type of Web marketing and Social media marketing campaigns but it can be also used for many other business needs.

For example, here are some ways in which infographic can help in business:

  • It can catch the target audiences’ attention by making the content easily understandable
  • Becomes easier to follow directions because of visuals and illustration
  • Increase Brand awareness by driving traffic
  • Infographics are more likely to be shared compared to non-visual contents
  • Also, these are easily shareable and embeddable

*The above steps can be recreated in other alternative office suites such as Libre Office Impress, Google Slides, and WPS Office as well. 

To Wrap up

Infographic minimizes the struggling with content marketing efforts and generates relevant traffic to the business. It is obvious that infographics help in the marketing strategy of a business or even for the purpose of disseminating information or educating the audience.

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