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Clutch announced Zealous System as one of the Top Mobile App Developers in India

News & Events February 14, 2020

Washington D.C based Tech Research Firm that serves the purpose of a B2B reviews and rating platforms released its annual ranking of the top mobile app development companies of India in 2020. The report was released on 3rd February, 2020 on the official Clutch website under the title of “Clutch Announces the Top Mobile App Developers in India”.

The results were released on the performances of the Companies in the year of 2019 and were evaluated based on the work that they have done and the verified reviews by clients provided. The result was based on the work done till January 2020 and Zealous System had a dignified place amongst the Clutch rank holders.Being a ratings and reviews platform, Clutch releases such rankings to guide the enterprises who are searching for a suitable Mobile App Outsourcing Company that can help them with their project. Since Indian app market is ranked second in the world, it can be implied that the demand of Mobile Apps are surging and with India being the hub of rare and skilled mobile app developers, the Clutch had to be thoroughly vigilant in declaring their results.

Clutch analyst Ben Dobkin said that, “We’re excited to highlight these leaders, which have proven their ability to provide quality services.” He further added that “Our rankings for mobile app developers in India are especially competitive, so these leaders should take pride in their accomplishments.”

As far as the selection criteria are concerned, the Mobile App Development leaders were evaluated on the following parameters:

• Types of services offered
• Awards received
• Brand reputation
• Recency, quality, and quantity of verified reviews

While there are many other factors taken into consideration apart from these, the main criteria of selection are the verified client reviews. For instance, few of the verified reviews that Zealous has received for Mobile App Development services that they have catered to their clients.

For more detailed reviews and ratings received by Zealous System, you can also visit Zealous System’s Clutch Profile. Apart from that, Clutch has also recognised Zealous System as top Chatbot Development Company, GoodFirms, a research and ratings platforms like Clutch also recently recognised Zealous System as the Top Mobile App Development Company for USA region. Zealous System is also a Microsoft Gold Partner and is an all-inclusive IT services provider with global clientele and they also have a strong physical presence in 5 countries namely, India, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Zealous System has been on a sustainable growth path right from the start and has been providing striving exemplary services to clients from various domains and countries. Apart from that, the company also provides exclusive Technology Partnerships to Enterprises across the globe and has been heavily investing in resources of cognitive Technologies such as IoT development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and other such technologies.

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