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Oct 16

Businesses: Follow These Web Design Trends in 2015

By zealousys

While the entire world is heading towards the end of this year, designers have a new take away to be carried forward in 2015. Much ahead of the next year, new themes and plugins have been discovered; keeping the old ones still alive.

For a good business, you definitely need a better website and that happens when the recent tools are updated and the website appears simplistic as well as aesthetic.

The top 9 web design trends:

Some of the most important ones are briefly described as under:

1. Background image and video/animation

video-animation-backgroundImage source: illumination.mzed.com

It is rightly said, ‘A picture is worth thousand words.’ So, a beautiful blend of a background image with striking and crisp content would definitely enhance the visibility of your website. This will make web designers happier than ever and enthusiastic too, which will result into a simple yet eye-catchy website.

image-backgroundImage source: 5emegauche.com

2. Visual story telling

story-telling-visuallyImage Source: bellroy.com/slim-your-wallet

Everybody knows that “Storytelling” is a rewarding approach, when it is done in the right manner and compelling visitors to convert more effectively in customers than other type of optimization methods.

We, as visitors surely expect to find a purpose at the end of a site with a storytelling experience. Therefore, it should be laid out clearly in front of us. Checkout the above example and experience how amazing their visual storytelling forces you to navigate more of their pages and about their offering!

3. Flat Design

flat-designImage Source: letsmoveschools.org

This design is only a year old or two and is gaining recognition at a fast pace with Google’s latest release of material design through its product. Perhaps, a material is a metaphor used to glorify our nostalgic attachment with pen and paper and open to different imaginations and magic.

It uses sober gradients, animation and layering, keeping intact the idea of a tangible world with the benefits of a flat design.

4. Responsive

responsive-designsImage Source: zealousys.com.au

Gone are the days, when more pages on a website attracted more views. These are the days of responsive design due to the increasing use of mobile phones, tablets, etc. It is a developer’s delight, also because the requirement of such a website is specific and precise with carefully chosen content.

5. Less click, more scroll

less-clicks-scrollImage Source: world-of-swiss.com

Those websites that have more pages always end up paining hands and so, the user-experience goes for a toss. Why not give attention to scrolling rather than clicking? The former is smooth and delightful than the latter and is economical too.

6. Mini-interactions

mini-interactionsImage Source: groupon.com

This is the next interesting bit, which goes along the lines of a single-use case. Mini-interactions are like pop-ups on the screen which give life to the static quality of the website and are visually appealing.

7. UX & me

pesonalize-uxImage Source: netflix.com

Personalized UX is an old concept, newly improved just like those of the pop-ups. It is a good idea to renew old content with a sidebar widget that increases the readability of old blogs or pages on your website and in turn, enhances site views.

8. Phantom (Ghost) buttons

phantom-ghost-buttonsImage Source: zealousys.com.au

The word itself gives an idea that it will be more of a hidden feature which will be seen with a slight hover animation. This is fun as well as pleasurable.

9. Typography


A totally cost-effective and easy to design, typography, is affordable and a good news for the WordPress users also. Earlier, it was tedious to get fonts and then expensive to buy them; with the passage of time, a realization has occurred and more emphasis has been laid on typography.

All of the above-mentioned web design trends are not very old but their use in the near future is going to flourish with least possible doubts, as per the current market study.

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