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Mobile App Development in Melbourne, Australia

We are regarded as one of the most trustworthy Mobile App Development Companies in Melbourne, Australia. providing exceptional mobile app solutions with high performance. We are developing real-time applications from the ground up with a team of competent and experienced engineers and designers.

Development Process

01Requirement Gathering

Starting from ideation, Zealous System deploys a dedicated team of business analysts and technology consultants as mediators, technology experts and consultants. Based on client requirements, we collaborate to understand the business, their process and their mobile app requirements.

First contact
02Business Analysis

After many thorough discussions, we analyze the requirements and provide you with a detailed document of scope that covers all essential details of the project such as project scope, timeline, resources, development methodologies and others.

Define you data
03Product prototyping

To check the technical feasibility of the mobile app, we provide project wireframes or functional/non-functional prototypes to our customers. They can bring project clarity and also helps in pitching stakeholders or the investors to justify the project resources.

Scope analysis process
04Resource allocation

Based on the document of scope, we deploy dedicated resources such as developers, designers, testers and project managers for the mobile app development. Also, client can interview and screen the resources for their respective project.

Resource allocation process
05Designing and Development

Our team of front-end developers deliver designs approved in the wireframes and provide engaging UI as well as UX of the mobile app. Simultaneously, developers work on the backend development to ensure timely deployment of the mobile app.

Sprint planning and Execution
06Testing and maintenance

Once the project is deployed, testers thoroughly check the mobile app with various manual and automation testing tools. Right from unit testing to User Acceptance Testing, we provide complete testing and maintenance support to our customers.

Reporting process

Technology expertise

Our Mobile Development Services

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Linda Groom

Software Project Manager



Our main reasons for selecting Zealous were Zealous' undertaking to meet all our requirements, good reference from three Australian clients, and the presence of Sydney-based representative. Zealous System provided excellent value for money. A similar project with an Australian-based company would have costed us at least 20 times the amount we paid Zealous System. I found Zealous to be consistently honest in their dealings with me.

Project name Canberra Bushwalking Club
Country Australia
Industry Travel

Angela Bullock BSc

Transformational Lifecoach at Firefly Lifecoaching



Easy to work with, fantastic results, great team, So happy

Project name Firefly Lifecoaching
Country Australia
Industry Education

James Barnard

Owner, Kerson Wallaw Consulting Firm Inc.



For several years now, I have worked with Zealous and they have proven to be a valuable partner. They produce quality code, they understand what needs to be done, they communicate perfectly (excellent in English), and they respect timelines. They are a pleasure to work with and I fully recommend them.

Project name Kerson Wallaw Consulting Firm Inc.
Country Montreal, Canada
Industry IT Services


Asst Director of Technology for Enterprise Systems



I was exceptionally pleased with how efficiently meetings were conducted.

Project name Web app dev for private college
Country New York, USA
Industry Education

David Conner

Owner at Centaur Property Solutions



Parth and Raj were always available for me and answered my questions in a timely manner. They understood what I was trying to achieve and delivered a website which I am very happy with. I will be using them again for other websites which I will be creating shortly. I would highly recommend them.

Project name Centare property solutions
Country Sydney, Australia
Industry Real estate

Andrew Arlington

National Account manager at jungleworks



I have used Zealous for several of my projects, I have found the team to be very professional yet personable. When I work with Zealous System, I know I am getting the best developers who understand my requirements before they start. What I love about Zealous System, when they deliver a project, I don't have to give much feedback, they get it right the first time. This is a rare quality. Thank you Zealous System.

Project name Center property solutions
Country Sydney, Australia
Industry Real estate

Hudson Hector

Owner &manager, see virtu



They have excellent project management. They make it extremely easy to communicate and understand their processes.

Project name SeeVirtu
Country Kansas,USA
Industry IT Service

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