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Barber’s connect is a Boston-based on-demand app that helps finding a salon, tattoo shop, and spa throughout Boston.

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Find and Book Your Next Haircut

Barber’s Connect is an on-demand mobile application that helps customers and barbershops get connected. With Barber’s Connect, you can find and get in touch with local barbers, view available appointment slots, and book a haircut that suits your schedule right from the app.

Find your new favorite barbershop and set up your next haircut or join the network of barbers to reach more customers than ever before!

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Purpose Behind the App

It’s not easy to get a haircut in today’s busy salons. First of all, you have to visit the barber salon, wait in queue to get haircut, and still not ensured if you will ever get your favorite professional or not. This is so frustrating! Such a tedious process that not only occupies our time but also acts as a blockage in our routine.

Barber’s Connect aims to eliminate all these. It is a platform on which a user can search for available barber and available free-time slot to avail the service.

At barber’s connect, customers can easily get connected with local barbers, spas, and tattoo artists through its large network.

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