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Get handy with just one tap - our On-demand Home Services App brings reliable handymen to your doorstep!

Role Assignment

Role Assignment

Streamlined bookings

Streamlined bookings

Uniform Price

Uniform Price

The handymen market in Canada is unorganized and prices are heterogeneous. Customers face problems finding an ideal agency and skilled workers for their tasks. Our client identified this problem and approached us to create a solution.

  • The Mobile Application allows people of Canada to search for handymen agencies and hire them at their convenience.
  • The app showcases detailed agency reviews for the users.
  • Customers can also hire agencies at a uniform price.
  • Zealous delivered a robust Mobile Application that serves as an online handymen marketplace for customers and handymen businesses.
Purpose App

Unveiling The Purpose

The purpose of this mobile app was to provide a solution to the unorganized handymen market in Canada. This mobile app also addresses the issues people face in finding skilled workers and getting standard prices.

  • This also serves as an online marketplace app for customers to search and hire handymen agencies at their convenience.
  • Offer detailed agency reviews to help customers make informed decisions before hiring.
  • Ensure that customers can hire agencies at a uniform price, reducing variability in prices charged.
  • Bridge the gap between customers and handymen businesses, providing a seamless and convenient platform for both parties to connect and collaborate.

Tempo Music App Features

  • Review

  • Registration

  • Booking Notifications

    Booking Notifications
  • Revenue reports

    Revenue reports
  • Post a Review

    Post a Review

  • Read Reviews

    Read Reviews

  • Booking Changes

    Booking Changes

  • Booking Cancellation

    Booking Cancellation

  • Review

  • Registration

  • Booking Notifications

    Booking Notifications
  • Booking acceptance/rejection

    Booking acceptance/rejection
  • Booking reports

    Booking reports

  • Profile updates

    Profile updates

  • Travel costs

    Role assignment

  • Time calculation

    Time calculation

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