Audi Quattro Cup

Audi Quattro Cup is a Sports App, allowing participants from all around the world to access all the information about Audi Quattro Cup tournament series.

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A Sports App for All Audi Quattro Cup Enthusiasts !

Every year, Audi organizes Audi Quattro Cup - a golf tournament series for people who are passionate about golf. They are invited to play together and connect. In fact, it’s the largest amateur golf series in the world. Uptil now, they have organized around 700 tournaments in 47 countries with nearly 100,000 players around the world.

As the world is moving towards digitization, the brand decided to come up with a mobile application to join the league, showing all the details and updates regarding the tournament.

Audi Quattro Cup

Purpose Behind The App

Before the app was designed and developed, there was no uniform way of sending updates or notifying the participants regarding the details of the tournaments. Gap in communication was a major issue. Certain complaints and failed requests about missing out on the tournaments came up to the surface, and that’s when the brand decided to go digital.

The sole purpose of this app was to let everyone stay updated about the upcoming tournaments and events of Audi Quattro Cup along with the detailed schedule of each day.

Users can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, choose their country and check the dates for the tournaments along with all the details such as location, dates, time, etc.

Snapshot of Audi Quattro Cup app

Audi Quattro Cup for Golfer
App - Audi Quattro Cup
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