Xamarin Development

Many cross-platform technologies are available in the market like PhoneGap, Appcelerator etc. using which, you can create cross-platform applications and with a lesser cost than developing Native applications.

Xamarin is a cross-platform development tool. It solves dilemmas many developers face when developing cross-platform apps: separate coding languages and UI paradigms.

With Xamarin, you can use C# for iOS, Android, and Universal Windows apps. And with Xamarin Forms, interface design for all three platforms can be accomplished within its XAML-based framework. This is what makes Xamarin special and gives upper hand.

Thus, investing in only one technology gives you output for 3 technologies with the same advantages as you get in creating native mobile applications.

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Why choose Us?
  • Get native application developed with the same resource.
  • Third-party API & Backend Integrations.
  • We can also reuse existing source code of iOS, Android, and windows.
  • Accelerate the development life-cycle.

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