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Complete School Management System That Grows With Your School

By zealousys

The Client

State Education Department

The Current Situation

The schools are using different systems, and it is not centralized and structured, as a result the department of education (DOE) is facing lot of issue. As the data that from each school is in different format and differently structured, it is making the information management for department of education very difficult.

There are around 300-400 schools which were being maintained for their pupil data and management reports by certain number of different software. The client as Educational Department of Government was facing the issue for different school management software while migrating of pupil’s data.

It was being tedious job for client to transfer one student from one school to another school for administration work and made it very difficult to easily identify the number of pupil records within it and the data each record contains.

The Need

The DOE needed a centralized system which can be used by all the parties involved; the department of education, the staff and the students. The said system will assist them standardize the information that was being captured and reported, and also take the school management to the digital age by empowering them with a customized solution.

The client wanted to have potential based software which can be easily accessible as web based by all the school’s Centralized application.

The client wanted to move the current system to a proper School Management System that can easily change the way school data is managed and shared to set up the school calendar, to run year end procedures, to process Admissions, to track attendance and absence, to generate report with customization as per school need for pupils’ details.

The client needed to provide the schools with the benefits by delivering all the functionality of a traditional MIS over the web based, cloud based and centralized application with the benefits of local Authorities, Cost saving, Easy Access and creating Efficiencies.

Project Description

The system allows admin to centralize the staff and student details. The systems also aids in the enrolment and school transfer processes.

System is a new generation of School Management Solution that radically changes the way school data is managed and shared. It is a centrally hosted and web-delivered solution that offers access to school information from the classroom, office or home, for teachers, students and their parents as well as the jurisdiction



  • System can be accessed from any PC in the school with a web browser and internet access.
  • Secure anytime, anywhere access means Teachers can work on the system from home. Parents, meanwhile, can access their child’s records to view attendance data, school reports or end of term results.
  • Because System is centrally hosted, the school does not need to back-up or maintain the system or data.
  • All the school needs is the required number of web-enabled PCs. Expensive server and hardware configurations to support your School Management System are a thing of the past.
  • System includes a powerful reporting tool. Data can be transferred to Excel or interrogated using a simple filter.
  • Any software upgrade is applied once, centrally. All schools can use a new release immediately. With consent, the jurisdiction can begin to carry out a number of tasks on a school’s behalf. Robust security protocols as used by Internet banks ensure only users with the appropriate privileges can access student data.
  • Tried and Tested: Based on System, the School Management Solution of choice for over 5000 schools worldwide.


  • System is a centrally hosted and web-delivered solution that offers access to school information from the classroom, office or home for teachers, students and their parents as well as the jurisdiction.
  • System is designed to help address some of the operational issues associated with implementing an integrated approach to service delivery. Because it is real time, we can link with other systems to alert parents if children are absent from registration.
  • Because System is centrally hosted, the school does not need to back-up or maintain the system or data.
  • Software updates are applied centrally. 100 % statutory compliance. System integrates neatly with other Learning Platform, giving schools greater flexibility with shared curriculum content and pupil data.


  • Java SDK 1.6
  • Struts 1.0
  • JReports.
  • Java Beans
  • J2EE.
  • SQL server 2000,2005, 2008, 2008 R2

Major Challenges

  • Knowledge transfer from old solution provider
  • Pre committed timeline
  • Restructure the database and the input formats around it.
  • Custom development and providing a cloud based solution on the existing infrastructure.
  • UI that is simple enough to use by the teachers and students.
  • Understanding the code based application developed by someone else company. Provided the solution by understanding, suggesting and finally enhancing the application within the period of six months.
  • Data Migration
  • Users and Rights Migration
  • Reports for all the modules available with the customization.

The proposed Solution

  • A centralized cloud based solution that allows the DOE to monitor, maintain and use the information entered by the teachers and the students.
  • The system also allows the DOE to roll out new policies and announcements.
  • System combines a powerful suite of administration tool that together make up a world-class School Management System.
  • It is very simple, user friendly and has the advanced functionality which is already required by schools for improvement.
  • It is being completely web based and with the possibilities to enter and use data. It is centrally hosted and web-delivered solution that offers access to school information from the class- room, office or home, for teachers/staff, Head teacher, principals, pupils and their parents as well as the Local Authority which offers school information from anywhere of state.

Benefits and project outcome

  • It helped improved Data integrity and reduced data redundancy. The new system enabled the government and provided them with the ability to integrate to third party ERP and allowed for much smoother operation and better process flow.
  • Riding the success of the first implementation, other state departments also are roll out the same solution. It has saved the time and improved efficiency for the school departments. By utilizing School Management System and data, it has effectively helped to raise standards and delivered more.
  • It has rewarded the pupil data to the schools by giving greater flexibility with shared curriculum content. System has out-performed all its competitors, plus it came out lowest on cost too.
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