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Real-Time Tracking Systems for Club Members

By zealousys


Canberra Bushwalking Club is an organization which organizes trekking events in Australia and New Zealand. Basically, their goal behind organizing activities is to enable people to improve their fitness, explore National Parks, Wilderness, reserves, meet new people, learn bushcraft, and navigate.

For this purpose, the members of Canberra Bushwalking club organize regular walk events. These events can be a 2-hour evening activity, or it can be a day long activity. It can also stretch to multiple days with more challenging tasks.

There is an activity leader for every activity who:

  • Guides the team
  • Manages all the logistics
  • Deals with other activity related details
  • Generates a trip list at the end of each activity


Besides, the members can also suggest the organization regarding conducting an activity of their choice and location. 

The club organizes regular member meetings to discuss programs. Hence, the activities are open to members and non-member. However, most activities require pre-registration.

The Registration Process for participating in the club activities are:

  1. Individuals can register through their website or can register offline as well.
  2. Also, they can nominate other people as well to become a member of the organization
  3. Users can pay the registration fees online and offline through cheque or other means
  4. The organization sends regular newsletter to the members in e-format and hard copy as well, depending on an individual’s choice


The major problems with which the client approached us were:

Lacking knowledge of internet and websites

Canberra Bushwalking Club is an organization with members who are old, retired from their professional careers and are not much tech savvy, not even used to using the internet. Also, they are not familiar with internet and websites, even they don’t have email addresses.

Manual Registration and Payment Methods

There are lots of processes in the organization which were previously manual. They were automated but the manual process was also required since the majority were not internet literate.

Activity Tracking

Occasionally, the number of participants is more than the registered number. For this reason, the additional participants are added after the event is completed. As a result, it impacts all other data associated with the activity.


Developing the website according to user base

The website had to be designed with minimal user interaction, presenting information in a very easy manner to the members.

Online Registration system


Registration had to be done through online as well as manual processes. However, people could register online and can pay manually by cheque or cash later.

Online Records of Activities

The activity completion report which logs details of the activity is to recorded online to observe any incidents that may have occurred during the activity.


To overcome these challenges, we designed an interface with very easy to identify information on the website. Hence, the users get all the information they require with minimal interaction with the site.

The website has user rights based access to important functions as well. Basically, this part is handled by the organization staff and members who are familiar with internet capabilities and usage.

Similarly, to track offline payments for registration and renewals, we had to design additional reminders which would ensure the staff members to report the offline payments and renewal payments in the system.

Technology Stack

  1. WordPress
  2. Code Igniter(MVC Framework)
  3. Core PHP
  4. MySQL


To enable the organization to define new themes for their website, we had to use 2 different technologies/platforms to develop the software.

We used WordPress so that managing content and themes becomes easy for the organization.  Moreover, the entire data part was developed using MVC framework CI to make it a very robust and scalable application.

Application Architecture For CBC WebApp

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