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Real-Time Location Tracking Application

By zealousys


Cync is a new innovative application software that connects with the real-time location tracking to help you locate your fellow rider without the need to call or text.


Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iOS and Android Phones.

It was built on the foundation of the need for Cynchronisation.

-Category: Utilities

-Seller: Phillip Mackrell

-© Cync 2016

-Requires Android: 4.4 and up



Cync refers to herein collectively as “Cync” or “we”.

Basically, this app is about getting location updates of fellow riders mainly for the motorbikes. Additionally, the users can search their companions through GPS and get notifications about their locations.

Moreover, it also collects information about the user in the following general categories:




The previous app was erected with a lot of bugs which became a major problem for the company. As a result, the client was distressed with the services of the previous development partner as they were not able to obtain any effective outcomes.



The client approached us primarily for fixing the bugs in the previous app. Thus, this was followed by a complete analysis of the previous app by our QA team.

Thereafter, the problems associated with the previous app were brought to light resulting in the client’s decision to redo the App from scratch via the native Android SDK.



We thoroughly analyzed the problems of the previous app and re-formed it by fixing the bugs associated with the app.

Our goal was to provide the best platform and services to the client with appropriate documentation and transparency into the development process.

Furthermore, consistent and clear communication throughout the project was also a priority.



The completion of the project resulted into: –

  1. continuous partnership with the client
  2. continuous bug fixing support
  3. a contract for an iOS app
  4. making constant enhancements to the backend and frontend of the app

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