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Compassess - Online Examination & Online Assessment Solution

By zealousys

The Client

Client is located in South Africa and is an education and training institute.


The client had a manual process to conduct student registration, taking exams and evaluating them.

The students that they cater mostly were related to higher education. On top of that, the test they conducted included testing the knowledge of students on how to use different tools such as word, access, excel etc.

Earlier they used to do this by a manual process and conducting practical exam related to tools was a complex and time-consuming activity for both, students and admin.

The Need

The client wanted to create an “online examination and evaluation” tool in which they could create a test for students online. They wanted to make the whole process of examination and evaluation digital.

There was also need to create a tool, in which students can answer in real time using interactive questions and tool for various software practical.


Project Description

The system allows admin to centralize the tests/exams, questions, and student details.

The system allows further students to use tool to give exams and get real-time results.

The project was divided into 3 parts:

  • Creating admin portal using web technology (PHP).
  • Creating admin interface to create test/exams using Adobe Flex.
  • Creating student interface to give exams and view results using Flash.


To make the digital journey possible for the existing complex system, it was important to first understand the requirements and choose proper technology.

As the features included using tools like excel, word etc., where students can further use such tool to provide answers. This was the most complex aspect.

For this, we developed a “LookALive” viewer for each of such tool like word, excel, access etc. We have showcased it via screenshots below how it looks from student and from admin side.

Some application/software snapshots

Admin portal:

Overall features, flow, and modules

Admin portal:

View questions, answers, other features related to examination

Admin portal:

View reports, student wise, exam wise

Admin – Question builder,

Interative question builder tool

Student view: Viewing questions,

answering in an interative way

 The features of this are listed below.


    Admin Portal (Web)

  • Manage students, student data
  • Create and manage student groups
  • Create syllabi, modules, and test.
  • Test assignments
  • Look alive menus
  • Reports
    Interactive Question Designer

  • View test listing
  • Create/edit test
    • Create interactive test
    • Give answers
    • Create flow of answers to the tool
  • View demo of test


  • Adobe Flex Builder
  • Action Script
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Adobe Flash


Major Challenges

The foremost challenge was to convert manual process. This we overcome by constant meetings with the client, allocating experienced and well-versed subject resources of each technology.

The next challenge was to make the online “LookALive” tool. This tool should not only look but also work like Excel, word, access etc. software tools. And this was divided in 2 parts:

  • Admin can use this tool to create interactive questions, then set correct interactive answer.
  • Student to give answers using interactive output.

To build this tool, we used Adobe Flex and Flash and it was run as a client application.

This client application had to be installed on various systems, thus it must work on a secured intranet solution. While the web system was extranet accessible by admins.

Benefits and project outcome

  • We were successful in converting and implementing digitalized solution for education institution.
  • Students can be able to see the results real time, give test without any complexity and monitoring.
  • This, in turn, helps lesser resources’ time for creating exams, reviewing and evaluating exams.
  • Thus making such online system helps save time and efforts of all stakeholders involve.
  • It made the online interactive tool easy to use and successful amongst students and staff.
  • We have tried to pick few important snapshots from the system as below, which will help understand the kind of solution we built.

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