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IoT Based Vehicle Tracking and Traffic Surveillance System

By zealousys

Client & Situation

Client had approached us by finding us from Google. We had been in direct touch of end-client from the beginning which indeed helped in driving project success. The client is working indigenously on this product. Client developed a chip which can be fitted into JCB engines. This chip will then transmit data in voltages to the server that client used to process manually using excel sheet.
The client wanted now a website that could process this data automatically, process formulae from voltage to readable data. Also, he can provide access to his customers to see their machine data.


  • Client required to build a real-time web application that interacts remotely with devices jointed with JCB machines (vehicles), pulling out the information from device and display into the dashboard.
  • The website also had free and paid membership for users. Also, it sells specific indigenously developed products to users.
  • Client also wanted to have a counter which shows the amount of sold items.


  • We had to use real-time messaging to push data alerts and updates to the dashboard automatically so decisions can be made in real-time too.
  • Charts about machine data should be loaded Asynchronously in real time.
  • Client expected to have a huge amount of visitors to this website.
  • More than visitor, each machine provided data at interval or 30s and we were getting approximately 30,000 rows of data per machine


  1. We have used sockets.IO with node.js to enable real-time bidirectional event-based communication between dashboard and device to display real-time analytics to users as well as admin.
  2. We also used Node.JS to get the sold items amount from a Redis database, increase the counter when the item is sold and serve the counter value to users via the API.
  3. For office integration, we used Python
    a. We implemented a library named PyWin32 to integrate the collection of modules for advanced Windows-specific support, which is needed to use the MS office features.
    b. This included utilities for:
    i. Read and write excel file
    ii. Read and write word file
    iii. See the list of files created
    iv. Admin can manage and control user-created files
    v. Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) user interface
    c. PythonWin is a sample MFC application shipped with PyWin32


  • We provided a comprehensive solution to client by implementing various features.
  • The system is now incorporated with below features for users.
    1. Live dashboard, showing real-time machine data
    2. Live map, shows live tracking of machine
    3. A customized admin panel with all user data and sales data
    4. MS Office integration for document creation and saving
    5. Reporting ability with chart reports helps in decision making
    6. Vehicle theft prevention, fuel consumption or fuel theft prevention
    7. Send critical notification to user’s email, website, and SMS
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