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May 25

Zealous System Launched first time BRTS travel facility for Android users

By zealousys

On May 24, 2013, Ahmedabad- Ahmedabad city located top class technology firm- Zealous System Pvt. Ltd has recently launched first mobile application for commuters which directs all BRTS bus stands, distance between the stops and much more. The application has been named as ‘BRTS Way” and is expected to be a boon for all daily commuters who find it tough to locate nearest bus stands, distance, etc. The application is initially launched for Android users but is definitely betted to be launched for all Smartphone models very soon.

Zealous System professional and technical experts Athul, Ashish and Pranjal are the brains behind the mobile app. They state that this mobile app will serve best for all people who usually fret a lot due to lack of information about the BRTS nearest stops and distance between two stops. One can even look for stops nearest to the current location and even calculate the distance between the stops.
This mobile application is a dream come true for the newcomers in the city. The COO of Zealous System Pranjal returned to Ahmedabad after a nine-year stay in Australia and states, “I was introduced to BRTS when I came to Ahmedabad and realized the need to give more thought to organizing the system with the use of technology.” Functional Consultant of Zealous System further added, “Being new to the city, it was difficult for me to commute.”

Due to their initial experiences in the city, they thought it to be the need of the day to launch such a mobile app for all users. The mobile application ‘BRTS Way’ is very easy to download. Also, as it is tough for new comers in the city to read Gujarati language written on bus stops, this mobile app will tell you exact information in simple English language. Designer Ashish Ingle conceptualized this user-friendly application, which will initially be available to Android users and will be completely free of cost.

“BRTS Way will help a commuter trace the nearest BRTS stand, calculate the distance in kilometers from their current location to the bus stop and routes available from the said bus stop,” said Pranjal in yet another conversation. He further stated, “The application will also give the user information about the distance between the various stops on the route and also the distance between the final destination from where they got off the bus.”

Considering all above facts and statements by the developers of this mobile app, it is certainly a good cause to wait and watch the success of this app in the mobile world.

About Zealous System:

Among several overseas service providers, Zealous System Pvt. Ltd, stands as the top web and application development service provider. It has been serving global clientele since years with the services including mobile development, website development, games development and graphics design. At Zealous, professionals follow a clear and strategic format of different industry-standard models and focus on competitive models which aim at fulfilling clients’ requirements to the closest.

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