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Apr 10

Yes! You heard them right! The website is not enough in this Digital World!

By zealousys

You have striking or stunning looking website, but do you think that is enough? A website is just a foundation stone in the digital era! There is a lot more you will have to do to march ahead of competitors and current trends.

If you are not more ambitious than probably the below blog is not for your interest. Right now we are living in a human evolution phase, which can be referred as “Informational Revolution”

Having a website today is a prerequisite and before the company is formed, people will book the domains!


The challenge here is to take decisions on where you want to take your company and business to the next level via internet and use of technology?

Many of us think that we have developed and already designed a beautiful, responsive website and getting decent hits on a monthly basis. What more is required? Or Mostly will think, why we care about investing more in other technological areas?

Failure to understand the reasons behind jumping and expanding your tech horizon can be a deadly trap for your business. The manufacturers or say vendors like restaurant owners, shopkeepers, who didn’t not joined the informational and smart-phone revolution now have failed to keep with the people’s expectation who will easily accept the new technology.

We have seen many restaurant vendors who are still providing only offline food services, having a huge decline in sales, just because their competitor is now providing online ordering, booking services. This comes handy to users.

Thus, we have to realize the power of technology in respect of how consumer are going to behave and how companies like us will help you bridge that gap.

If you want to survive, you have to consider below points. Technology is not a burden, but a tool that will aid you silently to grow and expand your business and horizon. There are many ways to achieve this.

    1. Create Mobile Apps (with lots of useful features)
    2. SEO and Digital Marketing (helps you increase your online presence, brand awareness)
    3. Online E-commerce Store
    4. Get Your Shop Listed in Online Directories
    5. Create Your Social Pages (On Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

This is few things that will definitely help your business. This will but just help you sustain for a year or two more, after that technology will change four folds. Next 2 years the future is of:

    1. Wearable Devices
    2. Smart Boxes, Television
    3. Smarter Smart-Phones
    4. Internet of Things

You will probably ask again, what will I/We gain by adopting new technology? The below points are the answers to the said question.

    1. Shows you as an active player in your market
    2. Provides better and better access to vital information you need
    3. Sustain your business by expanding via technology
    4. Outclass your competitors
    5. Get closure to your customers
    6. Be the first to gain social status in your professional community

Before 15-20 years when, after the computer revolution, the era of internet changes the world drastically. And now, gone are the days when business used to operate via computers, now the systems are getting operated via smart phones and wearable devices. The reason to bring up all above is not to educate all about the history and growth but to understand how this is rapid changes affect how your marketing strategies, how your execution strategies and branding for products and business needs change.

Look at our portfolio, you will get idea how different business is exploring new avenues, how are they planning their strategies and enjoying the sweet fruits of technology. They have already taken their second step (first step was of website) and already joined the league of early technology adopters. It’s now your time to do the same, we are listening to your ideas; ready infrastructure in place to take you leaps ahead.

Shoot us an email or contact us if you also want to explore more, need consultation. It’s a no-charge activity and you have nothing to lose but to gain advance.

If we talk about past few years and just a year or two from now, the technological changes are still remarkable to how people’s life will be shaped.

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