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Apr 18

Using WordPress For Your Business Website

By zealousys

So you’ve decided to build a website for your business. However, before you directly jump on the execution, it is important to consider aspects such as layout, CMS, platform, UI/UX design, navigation, and many other components which vary depending on the nature of your business.


[Wordpress-CMS is the BLUE portion of the pie]

WordPress is an apt solution for a business website for SMBs (small and medium businesses). According to a report by Builtwith.com, an estimated 30% of the websites on the internet use WordPress as a CMS. In fact, it is also one of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet.

What makes WordPress the right choice for SMEs?

Be the Master


Unlike hosted platforms, WordPress-CMS as a self-hosted solution gives the user the complete independence of customization. In addition, this customization is available in terms of both design and functionality.

A self-hosted WordPress website gives the user complete autonomy over molding the website as per their needs. No more hassle such as unwanted ads and customization restrictions.

Diverse Applications


It is more than just a blogging tool. A self-hosted WordPress installation can be made into a personal blog, business website, eCommerce application, media publishing portal, web application, and other innumerable applications.

Easy Content Management and Publishing


WordPress enables the webmasters to create posts and pages easily. They can be saved in various states such as drafts, private, public, secure posts & pages etc. Also, it allows for pre-scheduling for publishing content.

Images and Media Management


The media library supports images and medias which can be dragged and dropped from the workstation. Once in the library, the files can be utilized across the website. In addition, the media library also takes care of metadata such as title, caption, alt attribute etc.

Accessibility Control

WordPress enables you to add users with varying levels of access to the website administration. After all, not everyone needs access to the entire website. Classify your users as admin, editor, author etc.

Compliance with W3C standards

The WordPress CMS codebase is compliant with all the recent W3C standards.

How to customize/extend a WordPress website?

There are 2 ways to achieve the same: –

  1. Plugins ==> For adding custom functionality other than the WordPress core
  2. Themes ==> For creating custom UI/UX

The Takeaway

Started in 2001, WordPress has matured as a web-based content management software really well. It is a stable software with widespread Community support. Furthermore, It is continuously evolving through its numerous plugins and releases. To conclude, the flexibility offered by WordPress makes it an ideal choice for small and medium businesses.

So, if you already have a custom solution, make sure to start reaching out to a Top WordPress Development Companies to get it modernized.

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