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Woo-Commerce: Rapid Commerce With WordPress


Are you looking forward to building a WordPress-based e-commerce online store? Want to know the best wordpress e-commerce plugin?

Well, the answer to this is Woo-Commerce.

What exactly is a woo-commerce plugin for wordpress?

Woo-commerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin that lets you sell your product/services from your wordpress site. Basically, these plugins turn wordpress website into a powerful online store. In fact, it’s a free wordpress plugin with additional features which makes it more easier to work with.

Woocommerce +wordpress

Why choose woo-commerce for your wordpress website?

After its launch in September 2011, woo-commerce has become a leading e-commerce plugin. Moreover, its intention is to provide a shopping cart tool for the wordpress users. You can easily add an eCommerce function to an existing site or quickly create a new site to sell products.

However, here are some key features of woo-commerce plugins:

Mobile friendly –

It is designed to ensure that the store and products displayed must look good on the desktop as they do on mobile phones. In addition, you can also turn your store into a mobile app by using a third party tools/services.

Scalability –

It can scale and grow with your business from the start i.e. from selling the first product to N number of products.

Free and paid extension marketplace –

You can increase free and paid extensions to your store by integrating new features into the existing site.

Woo-Commerce Pros and cons

Basically, the pros and cons depend on the requirement of the individual e-commerce website.

Pros with woo-commerce plugins

  1. Integrate with wordpress website ideally.
  2. Easily extend the functionality of an existing site, no need to switch to a new platform.
  3. 100% open-source and its extension, themes & plugins are free to use and distribute.
  4. Large community and dedicated customer support.
  5. Can sell any physical or digital products in all shapes and sizes.
  6. The version is regularly updated, therefore, there are no security issues.
  7. Data safety and control is very high ( you can have full control over your data and business).

Cons with woo-commerce plugins

  1. The frequency of wordpress updates is higher, the plugins cannot adapt very effectively.
  2. Need help of expert developers or service providers (like – Search Native) to use and update sites.
  3. Doesn’t work with all wordpress themes.
  4. Basic themes are free but customization of the themes are costly.
  5. It doesn’t offer to host, so you must get a paid hosting or domain.

Wrapping Up

As a matter of fact, woo-commerce runs a majority of e-commerce websites today. Besides selling physical/digital goods, it also serves for taking security payment, manages shipping and inventory, sort taxes, etc.

For building a business-savvy e-commerce website/app, Reach Us!

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