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Jun 04

Which are the best-Native apps or Web Apps?

By zealousys


Developing a mobile app is a real complicated task with a whole lot of planning and procedures that have to be blended together in the right way. Creation of a mobile app starts right with the app idea. The next stages would be planning, designing of the application, development of the application testing and the final stage would be deployment of the application to the devices that it is intended to be used.

Before entering into all these stages, one must first of all make a decision on the way they need to create as well as deploy the app. There are two options like developing a Native app or a Web app.

Native app is an application that is specially designed for a particular mobile device. It is installed into the device directly. Usually, the users of such apps tend to download them through reputed app stores or through the app market like Google Play Store or Apple app store.

Web apps are internet based applications that are accessed through the web browser of the mobile device. They do not have to be downloaded to the device for getting an access.

When it comes from the view of a mobile user, both the native as well as the web apps work and look the same. Little difference can be found by the users. The real factor that distinguishes one from the other is the process of app development.

Each and every platform for mobile uses a different native programming language. iOS makes use of Objective-C, Windows makes use of C++ and Android makes use of Java. Web apps makes use of languages like HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS3 or other similar web app frameworks according to the choice of the developer.

Every mobile platform has its own Software development kit that is offered to the developer, with the right development tools and elements for user interface with which they can develop a native app without any hassles. Web apps have no standardization and for developing one, developers are not provided with SDKs or other related tools for development.

A native app is completely compatible with the hardware of a particular device as well as the native features like camera and accelerometer, etc. when you take a look into the web apps, you will find only a limited number of native features in a device.

Native app needs the permission of the user for taking in regular updates. But a web app has the freedom to update itself without the user’s hand in it. Making money on native apps can be a bit tough, as there are a lot of restrictions on gaining permission from related platforms for mobile ads and networks. On the other hand, web apps help you to monetize the apps through ads, membership fees and lots more.

Developing a native app can be expensive. But these are quicker and efficient in nature and they work the perfect way in the mobile devices they are developed for. Users can be guaranteed of the right quality of the app since they get them from reliable app stores. Web apps are costly when it comes to multiple mobile platforms. Moreover, there is no particular authority for regulations for the purpose of controlling the standard of the app quality.

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