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Nov 12

What happens if you fail to upgrade your app to iOS 7?

By zealousys


As the release of iOS 7 spreads all round the globe, IT companies are concerned a lot about the major problems like updating the applications for the current version. A group update process will go on in almost all the major IT organizations of the world since they need apps to be as per the standards of the new software of Apple.

The major issues that will arise with the release of Apple’s latest software are many. It will be a fact that the corporate world will be under great pressure as many developers will be engrossed in the duty of upgrading devices and applications side by side. This may include both the downloading of the latest software as well as the application updating process.

As per the uTest, the software testing service, there will be a delay in the process of updating applications according to iOS7. There are more than 800,000 applications in the iOS application store, and more than 5,000 applications mention iOS 7 in their reviews. This mention in reviews clearly shows that those apps are not yet upgraded to iOS7’s standards.

Some of the major popular apps used by majority of the masses are WhatsApp and Skype. Unfortunately, these apps have not yet upgraded themselves to fit right into the new software of Apple. It can be seen that WhatsApp, has been on the top five position of earning a good revenue in the iOS set of apps. WhatsApp stands in the second position among the most downloaded apps among the Android Apps in GooglePlay and stands sixth in earning good revenue.

It can be seen that people who have updated their iPhones with iOS 7 experience great difficulty with using old applications. Since most of the applications have not been updated according to the new software, users find it difficult even to use the simplest of simple applications in their iPhones. Negative reviews on apps actually can affect the whole app as a whole. With negative reviews, such apps will not be downloaded by users at all. Hence developers have to understand the need for upgrading their applications as per the latest software of Apple and make these negative reviews diminish in thin air.

There will be a heavy loss in business if developers fail to upgrade apps to iOS 7. Developers must upgrade their apps perfectly well so that they are not only compatible with iOS, but also work perfectly well on iOS 7. This wonder software is said to be perfect enough to give your mobile devices perfect speed and efficiency. So apps for the Apple devices too must be perfect enough to work well in them. Hence there is an urgent need to upgrade all the apps for iOS 7.

Author Bio:

Jurie Mc-Sinaze currently works at Zealous Systems as social media strategist. Her reviews on latest technology have always been a great help to users as well as developers all round the world. With the help of her reviews on mobile platforms, you will be able to get a deep knowledge about the subject that can help a lot in your business.

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