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Oct 06

Web Personalization: 6 Ideas to Drive Your User Experience

By zealousys


Imagine you walk into your favourite coffee bar and the server grins at you. He greets you with a warm welcome and says, “Will you have the usual Sir?” Isn’t it exhilarating when people just know what do you want?

The same applies to web design. Long gone are the days of a simple ‘Hi Joey!’ OR ‘Hi Rachel’. In this post we are going to cover a few awesome ideas to drive your UX.

Weather Responsive Webpages

Remember that Gmail ‘Tree’ theme? It is one of the finest example of a weather responsive webpage. Following is a screen grab from our Gmail web app this morning:-


A few other moods of the tree theme:-


Location-Aware Web Pages

Amazon is the perfect example for a location aware website, it serves you recommendations based on your current location. Likewise the Home Depot mobile web app adapts by finding the nearest Home Depot store and displaying inventory levels as well as the aisle locations for the various products.


Haptic Feedback Emulation

With the emergence of smartphones, haptic feedback came into existence. We can emulate the same for a mouse-click or a tap on a website and make it Hypnotic. Have a look at the following animation:-


Age Responsive Web Design

This is the next phase in web design, optimizing user content as per the age and other demographic traits of your audience. Consider this:-

If you want to predict the future, look at the present. Majority of the youngsters are using a cell phone for everything. After the age of 40 most of the individuals suffer from declining vision, hearing and motor control. This is where age responsive web design really helps.


Use any e-reader or reading app, the ePub format enables you to scale the font-size as per the user’s comfort. This is really beneficial for people suffering from ‘presbyopia’, a normal aging condition which leads to difficulty in reading. If the same principle is applied to our websites, it can lead to increase in the average session time.


Similarly, children can be tailored to a different interface which is more story driven and encourages interaction with learning.

Story Driven Approach

Remember, Ben the Bodyguard? It is quite old but still stands fresh. It blends web design with an interaction driven story telling approach which gradually reveals the services offered by this iPhone security App.


[Check the complete story here]

User Off-boarding

A great user experience can be divided into the following stages:-

-User on boarding (Introduction)

-The plot (Web page experience)

-Climax (Call to action)


An Off-boarding strategy may help you convert users leaving the website into repeat or regular users.



And Finally,



Didn’t we all love to use personalized keys for playing Mortal Kombat?

For adding such personalized features, connect with us at ==>

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