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Jun 28

The Ultimate eCommerce Conversion Boosters to Win More Customers!

By zealousys

I have built a great website, promoted it on social media, and it is getting the attention, but I can’t see any motion in sales as such.

Ever happened to you or around you?

As an online shop owner, you’re always worried about the numbers. Seeing the conversion rates go up without spending a penny (just invest some time!) seems Ohh so wow, and is also doable.

Yes, you read it right…with these tried and tested eCommerce Conversion hacks –

1. High Definition Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. The one hack which can take your sales high…err is superfine images. People buy what they like to see, simple. The more, the merrier. Making the images talk to the users does the magic – zoom, pinch, and rotate options. The placement of the images is quite vital, as the attention span of the users revolves around the focal point.

Quick Tips –

  • Play around the white space for greater impact.
  • Make the images as interactive as possible.
  • Try images in different angles and lighting.

2. Product Videos

People gauge the substance in the product if it has a video, and all the more, if there are video testimonials of users talking about the product. Product videos convey that the brand cares and generates a strong brand voice. Testimonials convey that other people have used the product, and are satisfied with the result/performance. Worry not about shooting them professionally. Even recording apps deliver a good presentable result.

Quick Tips –

  • Keep the video as short (>1 min) as possible.
  • Play around user-generated content videos.
  • Create mobile-friendly videos, as more than half the users are habituated with mobile browsing.

3. Visual Appeal with Colours

Colours directly impact the psychology of the brain. Your website colour scheme can build or break your brand image. Colours improve the memory, prompting users to keep coming back to your website. Also, considering the demographic and the gender of the audience you wish to target plays a vital role in choosing the right colours. Bright, Pastels, or Monochrome; all have a very different impact on different people, different age groups, and different shoppers!

Quick Tips –

  • Gender – men mostly go for blue, while women generally prefer purple.
  • Age – Younger audience appeal more to bright and contrasting colours, older audience go for subtle tones.
  • Call-to-action – Use actionable bright colours to draw users’ attention.

4. Hassle-free Checkout

Checkout page brings the actual revenue to the business. A lengthy checkout process means losing out on potential customers, which accounts to approx. 7 out of 10 people leaving the shopping cart abandoned. The reasons for abandonment could be many – high shipping charges, competitive rates on other websites, not enough payment options, compulsory account creation, etc.

Quick Tips –

  • Emphasize on Continue/Checkout Button with appealing colours and actionable words.
  • Highlight Order Summary with details so last-minute changes can be made, if any.
  • Display Wishlist on the top, as shoppers tend to come back for their saved items in future.

5. Short Forms

 Keep the form short, and convert your visitors into subscribers, users, or leads. More or less conversion doesn’t just depend on lessening the number of fields or the layout of the form. Grouping related information helps the visitors to fill the form with ease and without any confusion. Attractive Call-to-Action buttons also play a role here as they prompt users to take specific action, directing them towards the end sales page. All in all, maintaining the flow of the form, and conveying the thought in a sequential manner helps.

Quick Tips –

  • Place the fields side to side to make the form look shorter.
  • Go for two-step form filling process to make it look easy for users, and to make them land on the target pages.
  • Avoid the re-confirmation fields, as they take up unnecessary space.

6. Multiple Payment Options

Customers will leave or abandon their shopping carts if they can’t find their preferred payment option. Offering a combination of payment methods is the key to not lose out on potential customers. Study what clicks with your target audience and include that – some prefer digital wallets over entering credit card details on the go, while some want the traditional cash on delivery for more security. Demographics and the age factor also determine a lot about what to be included and what not.

Quick Tips –

  • Display SSL Logo at the top to convey that you care for your users’ security.
  • Design the wallets, card details fields like wallets and cards for more relatability and ease in filling the information.
  • Display the currency as per the country’s origin the user has selected.

7. Refined Internal Site Search

A must-have on your eCommerce website is an internal search engine. On-site searchers are more likely to convert than regular users, as on-site ones come with a clear intent of making a purchase. A striking push button never disappoints! Providing just the search facility isn’t enough; you have to display the relevant recommendations or specific products too as shoppers go for products that are brought together by other users as well, accounting to credibility.

Quick Tips –

  • Display the Search bar on the top, in a contrasting colour to catch maximum attention.
  • Work on improving the search experience and the loading speed in mobile phones.
  • Improve the search for misspelled terms or synonyms of the products.

8. Proper Filtering System

Filters create an easy-buying environment for the users. By narrowing down precisely, filters direct the users to immediately make the purchase. Giving product-specific filters is the key, as not all standard ones apply to all the products. Well-implemented and designed filters allow the users to appreciate the variety you offer. Having a lot of filters isn’t necessary, but having all the useful filters which let the users sift through flawlessly is necessary for any eCommerce business sale to happen.

Quick Tips –

  • Indicate product quantity against the filter to make the users alert of the stock.
  • Hide non-existent options to avoid losing out on customers searching for specific products.
  • Display the applied filters along the side so that users know which ones are on.

9. Speedy Site

An average online user doesn’t like to wait for more than 2-3 seconds for the website to load. Users relate the loading time of the website with the brand’s substance and value, failing which, they might not return to the website. Loading time is the first impression the users carry of the website. Even Google considers page speed as one its important page ranking signals, as speedy websites appear on the top when searched. Also, faster websites reduce the operating costs!

Quick Tips –

  • Invest well in fast and reliable hosting for better speed results.
  • Compress and reduce the images if your website’s nature relies heavily on images.
  • Optimise the mobile performance, and conduct multiple rounds of testing.

10. Live Chat Support

Engaging with the users shoots the sales graph high. A guided interaction allows the users to place more confidence and trust in the website, as they know they are heard and would get the response they’re seeking. Unassisted users tend to leave the page more often than the assisted ones. Establishing the balance here is necessary as too much of pop-up or intervention might shoo the potential customers away. Chats can help capture leads from the conversations, if done smoothly.

Quick Tips –

  • Invest in intuitive and spontaneous chat representatives.
  • Place the chat box neatly and in a bright colour, which never goes out of sight.
  • Add ‘chat’ button besides search or call-to-action buttons to redirect users to chat.

At a glance, this is the takeaway from the piece. Imply, test, and repeat to see what works for your online business –



There are many creative ways which you can apply to see a stable growth in the eCommerce Conversion Rates. While not all these hacks may work for you depending on the nature of brands and industries, they are tried and tested for sure, and assure an organic inflow of leads converting to valuable customers at a higher rate than it used to before. Consistent and continuous testing is a must to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

As they say, keep the goal fixed, and the path flexible!

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