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May 11

Unity Virtual Reality: Types Of UI Placements

By zealousys

The Virtual Reality (VR) technologies have received a lot of attention over the past few years. Moreover, virtual reality solutions are ranging from gaming to training and simulations. Therefore, it must include both the development of new technologies and advancement of current ones.

As a result, User Interface (UI) requires a complete emendation of function, layout, and implementation.

The UI design involves an additional element ==> Fiction (an avatar of actual user or player).

User Interface Components

Basically, User Interfaces is categorized into 4 dimensions:

components of User interface

Non-Diegetic UI (interface is separate from the game world)

These elements don’t exist within the game’s fiction and geometry. But, it makes sense for the players in the real world in the context of viewing the game. For example – World of Warcraft

world of warcraft

Use in virtual reality with unity

UI is frequently displayed on the top of the screen — often refer to as HUD (Head Up Display).

In Unity, adding HUD style non-diegetic UI is usually accomplished by using Screen Space – Overlay or Screen Space – Camera render modes on a UI Canvas.

Diegetic UI (interface is a part of the game world)

These elements exist within the game world (fiction and geometry). So, the player and avatar can interact with them through visual and audible means.

diegetic UI example1

Use in virtual reality with unity

Executed diegetic UI elements —  attached to the object gives a reasonable approximation of how it works with Unity. Furthermore, it

  • enhances the narrative experience for the player
  • provides more immersive and integrated experience

Spatial UI

It exists between diegetic and non-diegetic UI models presented in the game’s 3D space with or without being an entity of the actual game world. For example –

Spatial UI example

Use in virtual reality with Unity

Programming with Unity means selecting World Space as the render mode for the Canvas. This allows components of the UI to be placed anywhere in the game space.

Meta UI

These UI elements are rare, largely disregarded in VR programming and don’t fit within the geometry of the game world. Hence, they can still maintain the game’s narrative but sit on the 2D hub plane. For example – Call Of Duty

Call of duty- example Meta UI.jpg


Virtual reality is expanding towards the new evolution of technology. However, understanding the types of user interface for VR is equally crucial for your business.

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