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Apr 23

Think not just responsive, think comprehensive

By zealousys

Recently two clients approached us to convert their existing website to responsive website. They were already satisfied with their current website and design. So why did they chose to go responsive and spend that extra few dollars on making it responsive?

The same question was raised by us in our previous post. While the previous blog showed the reasons behind why website is not sufficient, this article will prove to be a corresponding study to the same.


This is a question that everyone who already had web-presence should think about. And the ones who have not started thinking, should focus on how to make next small step towards changing your web presence.

Responsive website provides solution of one website and compatible on many devices across the globe in smartphone era. While this is just one small step required to move out of “only website presence” zone.

Below are our clients who are proactive in sensing changes, accepting them and implement as quickly for their business.

Let us provide you the client’s website straight away: (Recommended to open on smart-phone)

  1. http://localfixer.co/
  2. http://djelectricians.com.au

The first one is a website delivered from scratch, as you can see, the website totally fits the look and feel of site developed in past couple of years. Its stunning, renders quickly and responsive.
While the second one, the desktop design is quite old-fashioned. But client was pro-active and wanted to transform current design into responsive.

So we are right at it and did a beautiful responsive design based on existing design only. You can also completely revamp a website, but that is different debatable topic. Where you have to take of points such as you SEO score, traffic from old website is not lost. Thus client looking for responsive website who has strong hold on search engines, needs to take decision on scraping old design separately.

The point here is, there were 2 different type of client;

  1. For new website (first time website)
  2. For old website transformation

What where the points which triggered them to go for responsive website? Answers are as below.

  1. Google says 67% of users prefer responsive website to surf in past few years. (Year of rise of smartphones)
  2. Google also prefers responsive website then desktop or mobile website.
  3. Users are more comfortable surfing a responsive website from there smart devices now-a-days
  4. Responsive means higher market reach, more device reach and adopting new technology
  5. It is absolutely economic in terms of cashing out
  6. Better view-ability
  7. No separate management for responsive design, no separate SEO campaign needed
  8. User doesn’t need to open there laptop or desktop to search or order from your website, they can simple use there smartphone or tablet
  9. Saves mobile application cost
  10. All above benefits in turn helps you increase your inquiry rates, sales and conversion ratio
  11. Most important: Stay ahead in the race

So it comes in the end, to make a choice. A choice that seems small but will have compounding effect on your sales, business and branding. If you are developing new website it will be responsive website, if not, please stress your designer not to forget responsive design.
If you have old website, don’t blink even an eye on thinking to make a choice, you should choose to upgrade your website to responsive design like our client did.

Our clients are now less worried about branding, placement and confident to be ahead of their competitors. Responsive website is an EDGE over rivals.

They are not all set to focus out of the box, towards building their mobile applications, there next SEO campaigns.

Sky is the limit in technology, but don’t get limited to just a website. It may seem weird to some right now, but just like those felt weird about having a website just few years back, their perception have change quickly. And users’ perception changes two-fold by the time businesses understands it.

Image Credit: Scott Smith

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