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May 09

The Magento Ecosystem & its Future

By zealousys


Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce web applications available in the market. Many customers find the easy to use shopping cart and customization facilities very attractive to create online shopping sites using Magento. It offers different types of product options like Simple, Virtual, Bundle, Downloadable, Grouped and Configurable to suit different kinds of businesses. It also comes in community and enterprise editions to suit the requirements of your business.

Magento has now come up with its new extension Ecosystem which lets the customer mix and match the different product types for better functioning and providing more to the shopping cart. Magento Ecosystem seems a promising release since clients get more options to showcase their products with multiple options and customers get more options with regard to the products they are looking for.

What is Magento Ecosystem?

While each type of Magento product caters to a different ecommerce solution, with Ecosystem Magento is giving the customer a mix and match of Grouped products with Configurable products. Grouped Magento products allow choosing multiple quantities of similar products while Configurable products allow choosing multiple options for a single product.

This gives the magento client to give more options of the same product to the customer and lets them buy different quantities of same product with different options. For example, the seller’s product is shirt and the seller has 3 colours and 4 sizes of the same pattern. The customer makes an order of 2 numbers of colour 1 size 2, 3 numbers of colour 2 size 1 and 1 number of colour 3 size 4 at one go. The seller is happy to bag a good sale and the buyer is happy to finish off the purchase in one screen.

This mix and match option is very useful in retail especially for clothes, shoes and jewellery where usually the price does not change much with size and colour change. Since a majority of eCommerce users belong to this category, Magento’s Ecosystem has a promising future provided it works efficiently. As far as a programmer is concerned it might be a bit complicated because of all the permutations and combinations will have to be considered. But the end result is very promising to the seller.

The future of Magento Ecosystem

Convenience and more options make customers happy and they come back for more to the same site more often. Again the seller is happy because of the response he gets. Good web traffic is seen by competitors also and they also may decide to adopt a similar technique to attract more customers to their site. This in turn goes back to Magento developers.

Overall Magento’s Ecosystem has been successful in keeping the eCommerce Ecosystem alive and happy. Since the IT world is forever developing, Magento is also trying to improve its Ecosystem platform. We can probably expect more options to mix and match other Magento products and better performances in Ecosystem in the near future.

Magento Ecosystem has opened the windows to a horizontal expansion in Magento products. They can now think wider on all different combinations of different product types to result in expansion of overall eCommerce concepts.

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