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Jun 16

The Changing Base of Technology with Location Based Apps

By zealousys


Wonder how the world would have been if the locations could be traced just a few years back? One would not have had to search for alibis; the phones would have been the best alibi. The cases would not have stretched for long years as the person would have been able to trace out all the possible evidences using the phone itself. Most of the cases in the recent times get solved thanks to the location feature available in the phones of the today’s time and age.

Today’s phones have two major methods of tracking locations: Beacon and GeoFencing. Both these technologies have their own methods of tracing the people’s location. Both the technologies have their own pros and cons that one can use to their fulfilling. It is important to understand which of the two available choices will help achieve the best possible location details, and how the technologies can help the tracking.

Beacons: Based on longitude and latitude searches, beacons track the location using the Bluetooth device connected to them. This works on the principle of a GPS which is generally used to track both devices and people. The overall range observed by this technology is about 70feet and the proximity seems to be founded on a lesser diameter. The mobile device that needs to be tracked should have an emitting beacon which will help track the details better. Hyper targeting is one of the sordid ways of describing this app. Retailers have felt the advantage of using this technology. They are able to check on their consumers’ while understanding their buying behavior. Micro fencing is the best way to draw similarities between the technology and actual targeting.

Geofencing: The grid observed by geofencing on the other hand is somewhat larger than that of Beacon. One can see that this fencing is quite an interactive tool that is designed to bring to table a more interactive and humane atmosphere. One can create the grid based geography which is virtual in its arena. The communication is aimed towards a virtual arena wherein the invisible fence is what drives the communication. The two way conversation begins once the grid is set up along with the virtual space wherein interaction is majorly spaced out. Limited battery life can be quite an issue whenever one intends on using geofencing.

Consider some of the terms and options that are available with location targeting technologies.

  • BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy is the full form of this abbreviation. Low emissions as well as full powered 3 years of battery life is what this term designates.

  • Hyper Targeting: This is a term often used with Beacon technology. The targeted marketing that most retailers tend to use or dream of using to know their target is known as hyper targeting

  • Proximity: Retailers want to be within the reach in order to know what the target audience is up to. This is probably why the proximity theory works in this case.

So on a holiday or at some other destination, the phone is sure to give out the location through these two massive technologies. No one can beat the way the technologies have survived and the way they have proved useful. Looks like retailers are in for some fun elements especially when it comes to strategizing and delivering the results.

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