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Sep 27

The App Revolution: Are you there yet?

By zealousys

Evolution of Software Distribution


Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps proliferate ====> The App store model becomes popular on mobile as well as desktop.

Inspiration: Linux Package Management

Why are Mobile Apps important for your business?


1. Ownership: mobile devices vs desktop users

Number of global users: mobile vs desktop (millions)


2. Usage trends: mobile vs desktop

Average daily Internet usage by device (in hours)


3. Offline engagement

Mobile Apps retain a lot of functionalities even when they are offline. This is unlike browser-based applications.

4. Accessibility

As mentioned earlier, mobile apps have access to the hardware capabilities of the device which can enable you to deliver better consumer experience. For e.g. Geotagging Apps, Augmented Reality Apps, Movement-tracking Apps, Weather Apps, Gesture based Apps, Camera-based Apps etc.


5. Innovation scope

Access to diverse capabilities fosters innovation. Since the beginning of smart devices, Apps have proved to be a harbinger of creative ideas.


6. Enterprise Mobile Apps

ERP is no longer limited to the information systems and processes set up within an organization. From on-the-go CRM Apps for the sales team to a mobile app dashboard for monitoring manufacturing operations, everything is just a tap away.

sugarCRM UI


Developer’s Perspective



Basically, apps are easier to update, manage, use and sell. The operating systems are being optimized to decrease device driver and platform issues adding to the preference towards apps.

Easy to deploy

If your app is a simple business application, there are tools like Xamarin, PhoneGap, and Titanium which allow cross platform app development by compiling a core app for multiple platforms.

The Road Ahead



The App Model offers a great opportunity for the present day organizations to tap consumers on the go in new and creative ways. However, user experience is the key to user engagement. Not only this model provides better accessibility to the target audience but provides insights on improvisation. From improving lead times to cost optimization, the benefits are innumerable. Are you ready to take the plunge?

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