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Jan 21

Technology trends and predictions for the year 2014

By zealousys


The year 2013 saw the launch of the two innovative products Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy gear. These two products made technology come out to our wrists and heads making technology jump out from our bags as well as pockets. There was a sudden jump from HD televisions to 4K televisions and there was a sudden gush of better, faster, lighter and thinner mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. Entertainment and communication thus was made easier and quicker with the arrival of such products in the market.

Social media, on the other hand has become a big trend of the year 2013, and it is said that users will continue to grow the social media platform to a better level. From the year 2011, we have seen the growth of Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has grown from 600 million users to 800 million users and Twitter from 200 million users to 500 million users, and there will be a rise in the numbers the coming year. Moreover, we can even expect yet another giant in the world of Social media networking the coming year.

Gadget charging too will find itself change into a much more economical one. These days, we charge our gadgets indoors. The coming year will see a sudden change in this process too. Solar chargers for electronic gadgets will come into existence and popularity in the year 2014. We no longer need to waste electricity on our precious gadgets. The sun will do its magic.

Cloud storage system too will increase its popularity in the year 2014. People will start shifting from their regular storage devices like Google Drive, iCloud or DropBox, and turn towards cloud services by top companies like Symantec or Kaspersky.

The auto world too will be making a totally different and innovative step the next year. The concept of auto parking will be the next revolutionary change that will come ahead in the year 2014. We no longer need to make ourselves worn out during the process of parking. This will turn out automatic. The auto giants like Ford, Toyota and Mercedes have already started to demonstrate this technology this year. 2014 will be having this technology released for the public.

It is expected that the year 2014 will see a totally different technology in the world of printing. The coming or 3D Printing is expected to be released the coming year. It is expected that the coming year will bring about 3D printing familiar to every home and office, thus making a revolution in the world of printing.

The year 2014 will also see the end of passwords. Instead, we might be using biometric data, mostly the fingerprints for the same purpose. iPhone 5S with the finger print scanner will be the first gadget that makes use of this technology in the world of smartphones. Changes are yet to come this 2014, and we can expect sudden changes in the world of technology the very year.

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